Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Building,Walking,Watching,Selling, Picking...

I was thinking we would do something cool and abstract or maybe like a little box for treasures.. nope. The boys came up with this crazy looking bow- weapon thing. 

We were privileged and humbled to be a part of the out of darkness walk this year. Ever since the loss of my sweet cousin Nathan, suicide has become a very real thing in my life. It is something I had a very skewed vision on and a topic that I have learned a lot about. Depression is more real then I will ever,ever understand, but It is something I feel like im so much more aware of and compassionate towards. Love you Nathan!

A steam engine came through town! And we watched. Pretty cool. 
Trains will always make me think of my Dad. 

Brody has been begging to have a lemonade stand- but we don't exactly live on a high traffic street. 
Lucky for us Allie was doing an awesome fundraiser for their school and said we could set up shop. 
Pretty cute huh!!!

We did this last year and I just loved it. So did the kids. So I was all for it becoming tradition. This year we even made it in time for peaches. We headed to Farnsworth Farms for some harvesting in their orchards. 

10 months

The picture was taken on her 10 month birthday- in just really delayed in actually posting. Preslie is itching to walk- she does great with the help of her little walker thing. Nothing offends her more then a door being shut- regardless of what side of it she is on. She can say Mama, Dada, no-no and Bra (for Brody) she gets really excited when the dogs bark- lucky for her that is all the time! She now has enough hair that it should probably be done to avoid looking like a shaggy baby- but my baby hair skills are not so good I'm discovering.