Sunday, December 7, 2014


Oops that I haven't been a good blogger. 

Boys won awards for 1st quarter in school. Zane's was for math and Brody for Reading. 

Smarty pants. 

One day Max and Brody were twinners at school, completely unplanned. That was fun. 

We made it thru halloween.. Way more successful then last year! Still not my favorite, and Pres should have been a gnome and refused and was some sort if mermaid princess. I just went with it. We did pumpkins with our fave people and  scary haunted houses and rang doorbells for treats and skipped LAME trunk or treats. 

Then little miss Press turned THREE
And was spoiled
We went to Pocatello and celebrated with cousins- and typical me, no pics. I can't seem to take pics when there is a lot of people of a lot of things going it. Picture taking in those moments is so overwhelming.. So.. Sorry. Any one else get pics of that weekend?? 

Three year old pictures. In her Well Dressed Wolf boho Maddie. I note this only because it's like winning the lotto to actually get one of these dresses. I have a friend with a magic computer. Lucky me :) 

One day me and Preslie spent the bulk of the day organizing lego for the boys. Like a lot of good ideas in my life, I learned it from Allie. I highly recommend it. Our lego hours are way up and so are projects. 

We took selfies because we like each other 

Treat Friday cupcake party. Our most favorite people are moving. It's pretty awful and sad for us. Thank goodness they are going somewhere cool and we have big plans of visits. A lot. Maybe every weekend. For treat Friday. 

We bid farewell to Charles. :( 
But this guy was so happy! 

Went to Pocatello for Thanksgiving and rollerblading. Fun times! 

Pres had her first ever dance show on the big stage. It was epic. (Zane's favorite word)

Thank goodness for dance professionals to show us how to get dance hair. 
After this pic, we made a potty run :)

Ok- so what I'm about to post is going to come with a lot of judgement.
I am not really a pageant mom, I'm not going to become one, I probably feel the exact same way as you do about beauty pageants and what they portray and all of that. I have seen little miss sunshine, and honey booboo. 
None the less- this happened. And it was really fun, and I'm grateful that Preslie had no idea what was going on other then the fact that she got to get dressed up like Cinderella and hang with some big kids who love her to bits. 
That being said- she cleaned house! 

Princess Dress fashion walk and interview. 
Judges: where do you live? 
Preslie: in a house :)
Judges: do you have a favorite food? 
Preslie: sprinkles. And apples. 
Judges: what do you want to be when you grow up? 
Preslie: a miss and a princess. 

Little miss pre-teen and little miss christmas fairy tale and little miss christmas beauty. She also got crowned for overall beauty and best smile, talent, presentation, best hair (really?!) and most photogenic. It was fun. And now if anyone needs a giant Christmas tree crown, you know where you can find one. We could proceed to the next level- she won a scholarship for the state level- but I think our pageant days are over. 

I think that's it. Countdown to Zane's Birthday and Christmas!!!