Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Picnic in Wyoming.. In January

Sometimes when I'm out frolicking with my awesome friends the song from Fox and the Hound plays over and over in my mind. "Having so much fun together " and then I add parts like "even though its freezing cold and super windy- lets be friends forever" 

Half day of school+ ice skating on the pond+ chili+ friends = peachy keen winter fun

Monday, January 27, 2014


The smallest of happy moments make all the chaos and hard work of being a parent completely worth it. 

Why isn't this ok to wear out and about?

Everyday is appropriate for a crown

Just brushing Cheeba 

Makes huge messes (but is at least learning to keep them confined to her own room)

Concert time

Hopefully I can get this video to post...

Thursday, January 23, 2014


Is hard. It seems like even just a year ago I thought it was fairly easy. Time
Consuming and tiring and exhausting -yes. But fun and wonderful and I dare say easy. But man it has seemed so HARD lately. Mostly with our oldest- Brody. Not even 8 yet and I just endured a hugely dramatic protest of swimming lessons- it would probably be in close comparison to me protesting shorts deemed inappropriate when I was 15. DRAMA. It ended in rather lofty threats of no birthday parties and extra chore duty and him crying and saying sad things like how much he hates his life and that we are not good parents and that we are screwing everything up- Devin practically carrying him to the car for swim lessons. Here's the other baffling aspects
Of the whole thing. He LOVES to swim and is good at it and he wasn't doing anything fantastic that he got yanked away from to go. So I'm siting here wondering what in the world just happened?? And then thinking about some deeper meaning to his protest of swim lessons. My poor brain and stress levels and everything. This is hard. It's not just the swimming. He has had more and more moments of difficulty lately. Angry and dramatic and kind of a brat and torments Zane non stop. So I thought that some additional structure would help solve those things.. And here are making a full circle to not having a flipping clue what to do! He does so SO well in school. In every aspect. Attitude and grades and socially. I am truly grateful for that.. I think. I mean I rather he save up his awfulness for the privacy of our own home.. I think. I've read so many parenting books throughout my career as a not so well seasoned mother. Yes they all offer some good insight and new techniques but nothing has been a solve all. I know it could be a thousand times worse. There are kids out there with serious damage and issues- this is minor. But it still
Isn't fun and it's still concerning and I still feel like it is problem that needs to be solved. Hormones? Already?? I have no idea. Birth order? Probably. Being the oldest is a tough gig- there's some huge expectations and responsibility and pressure and your also the guinea pig to parents who have no clue what they are doing. Dangerous waters. Heaven helpe to not screw up my children. Amen. 

Friday, January 10, 2014


What this means:
I've been out of highschool for 14 years! That is crazy.
I've been a US citizen for 13 years.
I've been married for TEN years! (In may) 

So far my resolution list consists of being more organized, purging my house and getting it organized, taking an awesome vacation and picking out new carpet and not changing my mind and obsessing, and learning something new. And of course to live healthier, lose some lbs and create some better habits all around. 

We had a fabulous Christmas! It was our first ever that we spent in our home and with just our little family. It was really really NICE!!!

Until we had Christmas diner and then I got homesick and wished we were with more family. But it was great none the less. 

Pre-christmas mail. This was pretty common. I bet I did 98.8% of all shopping online. 

Brody got a camera and scrapbook...

Preslies quiet book- started in Aug! Finished Dec 20th. I love it. That is an understatement :) 

Christmas magic! 

Grandma Honey makes all the grandkids a gift each year- this year it was floor cushions! So cute! 

Christmas Eve we light the candles on the windmills and sing songs. 

Santa found Preslie! An American Girl bitty baby, a calico critters house, clothes , a potty chair and undies, and other fun things. She loved it all! 

Santa found the boys! 
Kayaks!!!! Maps, fishing gear, walking poles and tomahawks, paper airplane books and wii games. 

Happy mess!

The only thing that needed assembling. That was nice :) 

Elf booties

Sledding and ice skating 

A few days after Christmas my parents came and Logan and Lindsey and the boys came. We had a fun time!! 

Best photo bomb ever from the guy behind us at the Jazz game. Haha!! 

Cute Nephew Wesley

Fondue party!