Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Tea with P

For a while now Preslies fave thing is to have tea parties- usually it's me and her, maybe some dolls, and sometimes a friend. Well I decided to do a really big, fancy, tea party. The planning started months ago and as time went on it just kept getting more and more detailed and involved.... :) and I loved every bit of it. It was SO fun!! 

Invitation prep.... 

They were too big to be in envelops- so boxes it was!

Hand delivered to 9 little friends, accompanied with a dress for each girl. 

It just kept getting more ridiculous :) 
Individual cupcake stands with pearls, and mini fabric bunting, and a multitude of doilies. 
Devin and I started decorating the night before and then the morning of Tea day, Dorie came over to help. We worked until party time, we had bunting, more pearls and lace, birdhouses, and so much tulle, like 12 bolts. Yikes! My neighbor asked if there was a wedding- that was a proud moment and I knew I was on the right track. 
This was our little photo prop corner.. Because I hired a photographer :) 

The party started and we made glitter dough (Playdoh and glitter, it's magical if your 3 and 4) 

Then moved on to painted nails... 
I recruited some older girls to help 

Some girls painted their own :)

Next was decorating  party hats with flowers, bows and ribbon. 

It was nearly tea time, so we added some fancy accessories...

Feather boa's and clip on earrings for the non pierced.

Tea Time! It was actually pink lemonaid, but we had a lesson in how to curtsy, and how to sip with our pinkies up and dab with the corner of our napkin.
Very ladylike. 
Delicious cupcakes made by Kirstie! 
Fancy fruit- thanks Julie! (Found these great picks at the bakery surplus in SLC) 

After tea we danced a bit, did some twirls, visited and lauged and giggled. 
Love these sweet little friends! They were all kind and polite and had such a fun time. 

I'm already planning next years.