Sunday, July 26, 2015


Oh summer. Just stop it already. 

Look what is finally finished!!!! 

Traditional 4th of July tye-dye. Always a fun time.

The boys went on a fossil dig 

Puppy sleepovers

Swimming in their undies during the longest hike ever

4 wheeling with Mom and Dad and Nick

And then off to Oregon! Lake Wallawa with the Mechams. Beautiful and so good to see everyone! 
Early morning hikes, cousins, lake time, paddle boards, downtown exploring, visits- such a great time! 
We bid farewell and carried on to Washington! 

Yaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy happy happy! 
Oh it was so So great to be together again. 
We jam packed in as much fun/water/ activities we could - and my kids even slept in one day!! 
Olympia is just incredible and so beautiful and clean and warm and green and foresty and wow. Wow!! 
Ocean and tide pools 

Sno cones, blackberries, lego, captain little. Thank You Allie! You are the best host ever! We will be back! 

Stopped in Caldwell on out way home for more swimming :) 

Made it home!! For a few hours haha. Then off to Bearlake! 

Fakers :) 
"Uncle Jared throw you" game 

Phew! Those weeks went by way too fast! Home for a few days then off to Canada. Summer is swell. 

Saturday, July 25, 2015


Science camp, swim lessons, horse back riding, swimming, hikes, visits, girls night out- all good things 

All good things and then ...

Broken. But the giant ER remote had him laughing. He fell while we were hiking Ruth Lake. Right arm this time.
No surgery. But now him and I are a bit depressed and discouraged that another summer will be spent in a cast. Trying not to dwell and just carry on.. 

Poses. And dress made my Allie in our latest mail swap package. It's the cutest.