Sunday, June 26, 2011

All I see is PINK!

Baby is a GIRL! oh goodness this is exciting. Not that all babies arent exciting but this feels extra new and exciting. My doc was really just not understanding my urgency on finding out the gender and my ultrasound was moved again, this time to July 19th, I was all about going to a fetal foto place in the mall but Dev was thinking he needed to be there and he works like a insane person and never had the time, well I have this Uncle in Greatfalls MT who is a radiologist and he was all for me making a quick stop and he would check out baby, so on our way to Canada we made the stop. He took a long time looking and not saying anything and I was getting a tad stressed that he was seeing something not right, but it turns out he was just making sure he was actually seeing GIRL! I was in shock, yes I wanted a girl but I was really convinced it was a boy. It was a girl!!! Oh wow. He took some cute pics and sent us on our merry way. I stopped of course and shopped. But here is the weird thing, Ill back up. Pre- Zane I was so sure he was a girl and I was dumb and shopped a TON, I had the large size uhaul box plum full of frills and flowers, bright wonderful girly things and even sewed a dress. Then my ultrasound revealed boy parts and the box was put away. Since then all my friends seem to be having girls so the box was close to empty and all was well. Well I have been itching to get my shop on with girl stuff, and now I have the green light to do so and I had shoppers block!!! I really just couldnt make decisions. This has never been a problem, ask Devin, but really I just sort of froze up. I picked up a few things and then put them back, I know Im picky, the longer Im a mum the pickier I seem to be getting about my kids clothes, I do most of my shopping online and have become anti childrens place and other run of the mill kids stores, It seems to make me a tad grumpy when I see kids sporting the same item as one of my boys might have, so Ive gotten selective. But there I was, finally with an open door to the world of girl I have longed for, and I was lost. I wandered and picked up this and that and put it back, in my mind ruling out things like anything with words, any characters, any baby ish patterns, no hearts, no sparkles on tops, no cats. Then I ruled out pink. I had ruled out my girl choices. I walked over to the boys section. Back in my comfort zone. I left the store with ninja pjs for Brody and Zane.

Dont worry, I just need to take baby steps into this new world. I need to do my online research and figure out my girl taste and then try again. I did pick up some darling baby leggings with tiny polkadots, still looking for tops, and found some super cute organic cotton sleepers. Ill have the box filled up in no time.

Some good starts

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


This will be an update of words, yes I do have my camera back but Im really just the worst at hauling it around.

But in the last 10 days heres whats been going on. Awesome. prepare yourself.

Trip to Highland to see my Aunt and Uncle and cousins AND my Grandparents from the Great White North AND my Mum!! Yes, wonderful.

3 days later- trip to Seven Peaks to catch some sun, ride slides, go in the lazy river and sit in the kiddie pool. We went with Ryan and Lisa (devs brother and wife and their super beautiful girls) and My Mum came with my super cute cousins. FUN FUN!

That night we were lucky to have Ryan and Lisa and fam tag along home with us.

Soccer game the next morning, Brody scored 2 goals and is pretty much a soccer stud. We of course had to show our guests our new hobby of Crawfishing, great success and lots of fun!

That night we finished with Mauri and Gary and cute kids coming to join us for a BBQ and games. Hello wonderful summer!

Sunday bid farwell to house guests

Sunday night went to Allie's fabulous backyard BBQ, man that girl can throw a party! Takes us all to a whole different world and we feel like we are on vacation and dont want to leave. So we dont, we stay for a long long time :)

Yesterday rode bikes all over and to the fave ice cream shop in our cute little town called the Scoop.

Today went to the ZOO (with serioulsy the whole entire city of SLC I think) SO BUSY! but they have dinos-who can blame anyone for going? It was great, bought those spray bottles with the built in fan for the boys and they couldnt be happier. Stopped in PC for coldstone.

WE LOVE SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011


I know what its like to live with bear cubs. I really do. They roll around all day and pull hair and squeal and I think they are really trying to cause damage to one another but Im starting to understand that those weird boy things are already going on that I will never understand. The fighting is actually playing.. I think. Anyways, once in a while I get a nice glimpse of this, and know that they really do like eachother. Brody had a dentist appointment and Zane was offering his full moral support. He stayed right there the entire time. Nice kids.

How to catch a really ugly pet

I cant teach you much, but I can tell you how to catch a crawfish in Evanston. When we were in Canada Brody caught a ton of these super ugly guys at Henderson Lake and became obsessed. It was ok though, because I was sure it was a Canada thing and Id be off the hook once we came home. No luck. We saw their nasty claw remains on the shore one day. We did some research and then tried hot dogs and nets- no luck. We tried just looking for them and then catching them really fast- no luck. Then we tried raw chicken on a string- you let it sink all the way to the bottom of the water and wait.. and wait.. and wait some more. Then you pull up the string and eventually you have one ugly crawfish eating away at your raw chicken. If you want to do it Mecham style, Brody celebrates in a way equivilent to winning the lottery, Zane follows suit because he does what Brody does, and I try to hide the fact that this thing is creeping me right out and that I really dont want to touch it but I have to figure out how to get it off the chicken. No we dont eat them. Ew ew ew. Yes we do take it home for a few days so I can get on with other things that have been neglected like dishes and laundry for the last 4 days thanks to the crawfish obsession.

Reward: This guy. Living in a very cute drink container in my backyard.
Camera is still in Canada so these are good quality phone pics.

We went again- to let the above guy go and we caught all of these...

And this is where the magic happens....