Thursday, September 11, 2014


  Playing a little catch up and wishing for summer. Again. 

We had another really fun Rich/Mecham reunion. The a Rich reunion was in Raft River Idaho. Some extremely kind and generous people have created this great place at their home, and they allow others to come and enjoy! And boy did we!! 

Giant water slides!!!!!! I can't even really explain how HUGE these are. And there was 2. 

There was also a zip line...

Trampoline, giant sandbox, waterfall and kiddie pool and playhouse. It was fun to visit with cousins and aunts and uncles and do all the fun stuff! I bet the kids hiked up those water slide hills 100 times. Can't wait to go back! 
We had a fun few days with the Mecham family in Pocatello. Games and picnics and visiting. 
Playing "dip" 

We left from Pocatello and heading to Caldwell. Also known as Brody's "happy place" 
We love to visit caldwell. We live in our swimsuits, spend %90 of the time in the water, stay up way too late and just have a grand time. 
This trip Caroline, Rebecca and Brody also competed in the Emmett city kids triathlon. 
Quite the accomplishment for these kids! And A LOT of hard work! 
They did it!! They swim, bike, run- and all agreed that the run was the hardest! So proud of them!!

Preslie was so SO sad to leave. Holy smokes. She cried for Aunt Lisa and "her girls" the first 40 mins of the drive home until she fell asleep. 

We came home ready to cram in the most fun we could before school... 
Brody started football! Tackle! Dev and I might enjoy it even more then Brody :) it's an exciting sport!! 

Being 2 is really fun.. For everyone. 
Back to school party! And Brielle and Alyse came to stay for a few days.
Salt art at the party

Red carpet fashion show :) 
We tried to go to seven peaks and got rained out! So hit a rec center with a slide and lazy river and high dives. 
River swimming... 
Put a hundred name stickers on stuff... 
Fondue on 1st day of school Eve 
No tears for me or Zane :) 
The first week had a lot of half days- so hit bear lake one last time, it was too cold for anyone else, we had the beach to ourselves!! 
Full independence with wardrobe choices goes like this
If wishes came true, I would live on this beautiful farm. 

And that was August. 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Anyone want to have a quilting bee??? We can all stitch away- as random as you please. This is the slowest process EVER