Friday, January 30, 2015

I love

I love stressing over attendance for science night and then having over 600 people come! Holy crap! 

I love walks and bike rides in January

New dishwashers

Countdowns to vacations

Screen time detox 

Allowance paid out in lego

Saving money (this is a new love)and sometimes I have to really talk myself into loving it

Boys being grounded and then getting along so well

My dogs- especially the old one who gets up in the night with me when I pee or waits on the rug while I shower or sleeps on the hard kitchen floor while I cook

Family. All of them. 

Good teachers. I share my kids for 6 hours a day and hate it. I'm grateful I share them with awesome people who have the gift of teaching and have the same end goal as I do

Little girls and big dollhouses

Nail polish


Woomp there it is blasting and all of us singing it


White t shirts that are long enough and stretchy but don't stretch out that have the perfect neckline

Ironing. It's soothing for my soul

When we all cram onto one bed to read fablehaven

Matching coats for all- we are that family

Ice skating outside

Flashlight walks

Frosty trees

Pretty stuff

Doing random things that are nice



Knock knock jocks that are made up and don't make sense


To be continued...

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

It's a new year!!!!

2014 was fun. 
2015 is starting with change.. I wish it was my pant size, but unfortunately that goal from 2014 went un-achieved. 
I was released from YWS and am now in the primary presidency! That exclamation is genuine. I'm so happy. Our whole little Mecham family is all together in primary. I love it. I love the songs, I love the feeling, I love kids- there is no better place to be as far as a church calling.  

I'm in another presidency- PTA president to be exact. 
My dearest, love her like a sister, makes me a better person, BFF Allie is moving. 
Sad sad sad.
Thank goodness they are going somewhere awesome and we already have vacations planned. I'm not quite sure how I am going to navigate life without her- my entire family is a bit nervous about this actually. Because she helps me that much- and my kids. Yikes. People find out about the move and then ask if I'm going to be ok. The concern is justified. I will be ok. Because texting and phones exist and July isn't far away. But this is why I'm PTA president. I'm a far cry from a stand in Allie- but I'm ready to try! I even bought a printer and wrote down important things. Personal growth here I come!!! 
 2015 is going to be good. I can feel it. And today was 50 degrees outside- that has to mean something.. Other than global warming. 
Here are some things I've decided.

I believe in cooking dinner- even if it's torture trying to decide everyday what to make and then have 30% approval. At least we are all at the table together listening to someone whine about what they don't like or do, and who doesn't love to argue about dishes every night. Family time. It counts. :) 

I believe that right now, while my kids like hanging out with us, that it's ok to skip the odd day of school to go sledding or rollerblading, that organizing closets can wait so we can do Playdoh, and that I will even learn to appreciate minecraft so my boys think I'm cool. Your interests are my interests my little offspring. Unless it's a bug. Then you are on your own and you better steer clear of me. 

I believe that I married the best guy in the whole world, and if I only make one New Years goal, that it is he knows I love and appreciate him, and I still think he's hot. Everyday. 

I believe that kindness can change the world. 

I believe that the harder you work, the luckier you get. 

I believe that uggs are the most wonderful thing to put on your feet. 

I also believe that everyone should have a dog. 

Ok- I don't really believe that. 

Here's some pics of our life.