Thursday, February 12, 2015


My kids took valentines to school. In fact, the took the ones that the school picture place sent home that are really plain, and we had to cut them out. They have their cute faces on them though. But, no treat, not clever saying or bubbles or a sticky hand or kisses. Nope. So I'm just going to stay off social media until Sunday because all these other ones that I'm seeing are making me nervous!!!!!! I'll kick it up a notch next year. I've been busy. And somehow I missed the valentine memo that this is a big deal! Ahh. They are boys- they don't care right?? 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Birds and the bees

New year means new insurance deductibles. We are also done with making babies. To simplify this decision I feel like Dev should have the "procedure"- he is less then eager to do this and is so wimpy and whiney about it. He has seen the birth of our children. I have zero sympathy or compassion. Anyways- he came home from work and this happened.

Me: "guess what?- I need to tell you something"

Dev " what?" 

Me: (my original intention was to tell him the garage door was possessed by the devil and keeps opening and not closing and just being crazy, but something happened in my brain)
Me: " I'm pregnant"

Dev: ANGRY. 
So mad. 

So good thing I'm not really pregnant because that would have been really sad! 

Me: " I'm not! I'm joking! Thank goodness. But you need to just get snipped. That was so mean." 

Devin - "that was not funny. You don't joke about that stuff. THAT was mean" 

Me: " well I made my point. Get snipped"

Brody walks in, 
"WHAT!!!!!!!! Dad is going to get his thing SNIPPED!!!!"
Brody is pretty well aware about baby making and all of that. 

Me: yep. And if you ever get a girl pregnant pre marriage you will get snipped as well. 

Brody hates sex talk and ran away. 
I'm just going to let him think this over for a while. :)