Friday, August 31, 2012

Baby Gear Junkie- Added too...

The production of 3 tiny people has also lead me to be slightly obsessed with baby gear.

Its cool- I cant help it.

So here are some faves.

Just in case your curious or pregnant or whatever.

Stroller Happy.
 3 kids, and I have been the owner of:

graco travel system, bugaboo, combi double, circo, trek double/bike trailer, baby trend travel system, red flyer wagon, cheap no name umbrealla stroller. And this. I promise this is my very last stroller purchase and I LOVE IT!

Its called a Stokke Xplory, it looks like a segway or spaceship , baby can face out or towards you, sits really high, is a dream to push, hold kids up to 60 lbs, doesn't interfere with a long stride, everything is adjustable, the seat, the handle height, the handle angle. Its cool. Devin usually WANTS to push it. Its a dream. There is no storage basket but it does have a huge bag and stroller clips work on the handles.( If you ever see a used one snatch it up- its crazy how well it holds it re-sale value)

Diaper Bags. Definitely a fave baby item to shop for. Serious research has been done on these opinions LoL. 

If you have mulitple littles or are going on big day trips the Ju Ju Be Be prepared is the way to go. It is HUGE, if you just need something for everyday then the JuJuBe BFF is my pick. It opens up to see everything, cleans up really well, and has a ton of pockets and has the option to move the straps to backpack mode, that might sound dumb- until you go to the zoo or some other all day affair. 
The Skip Hop Bento is pretty neat too- not as cute. But super organized and has this cool bottom pocket for snacks that is insulated and comes with containers specifically to fit. This one solves the problem of crumbs in your diaper bag. Thats always nice. 

Speaking of snacks. These are fun..

Beaba.Cute colors. I use them for snacks and formula. 

This next one is one of those that I wish I would have thought of SIX YEARS AGO!. With baby # 1. All you sewers out there, prepare to be excited about this. 

A blanket with ties. Sounds simple enough right. Its so smart and handy! Tie it to the stroller, tie it to the carseat, tie it to the chair, tie it to the backpack, tie it to the child. 
Handy for sure. 

Other things Im a big fan of. 
The fact that baby food is now offered in a pouch. For on the go it is so nice! I still think spoon feeding needs to happen for development.

There are popping up all over, Aden and Anais muslin blankets, when my friend Angie had her baby she informed me of these little delights and in the summer they are heaven sent! and fold up really small to cram into diaper bags. And they are really cute :)

This is a new found lotion that I love the smell of! 
Boon! Love everything they do.. 

I was doing some baby shopping for some friends who are expecting and came across these- I fell in love!
wooden baby mobiles. 

Oh my. 

Other things I have loved- cute fancy bibs off ETSY, those woombie sleepers to keep baby swaddled if they are  into that, wipes warmer, suction toys for the highchair. Baby land is fun :) 

Monday, August 27, 2012

Farewell Summer

This morning it happened. I woke up and it was cold- not just chilly but cold. It was the first day of school and I had to buck up and be cheerful and excited and hope that Brody would share my attitude. It worked. We started the morning with waffles and bacon- finished with new clothes and family prayer.. And rain. It's been a draught all summer but of course it rains on the first day of school. We walked with Brody down to the bus (in the rain) then jumped in the car so we could be at the school to walk him in. He was excited to see friends he hadn't seen all summer- I was so relieved that he was happy- not sad and mopey. He gave me a big hug and that was it. So now I'm home with Preslie and Zane- who has already asked a few times when Brody will be home. I'm the one left feeling sad and nervous and lonely. I need to buck up, I know. I have felt like this last week I've had some humbling experiences- some moments that have clearly pointed out what matters. Some lessons that reminded me how precious life is- to not take for granted everyday blessings and miracles- and to be ever aware of others and to show gratitude always to my Father in Heaven. How's that for lots on the mind?? Anyways. Goodbye care free summer- welcome back structure and "real life" I guess ready or not here you are.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Do You Believe In Magic??

Once upon a time- in a place not too far from here, there was a magical forest filled with fairies.

I told the boys we were planning a visit- Brody got prepared- he packed with nets, dart guns, water guns (because if a fairy has wet wings it can't fly) he tried to Google "what wild fairies eat', he wanted me to go buy mouse traps..

Needles to say that's not quite what I had in mind.

Off we went, I gave Brody the talk about how fairies hide and are super fast and don't like to be seen.
It didn't have much of an effect on him.

We got into this artistic, wonderful forest filled with hundreds and hundreds of painted rocks, decorations, unique additions made by anyone who wanted too, it was really SO AWESOME.

To all of us except Fairy Hunter Brody. He was mad and discouraged and completely bummed out that he did not see or catch a fairy.

Darn. I miss five year old Brody. And now i'm a tad nervous for the next time the tooth fairy has to do anything. Wish me luck.

A sign in book. Man this place is COOL!

Looking for gold at the end of the rainbow..

Adding our own touches. We painted and sparkled and hung up tear drops from the trees.

It was filled such awesome and unique, random things. 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

We Love Summer!!

It has been so so fun!
I didn't think I'd ever say it- but im starting to feel like I'm ready for it to be over. Back to a schedule, back to school, excited for some time without all 3 kids. They are ready too.
Here is what we have been up too..

Backyard Campouts that included tinfoil diners, night time hot tub swimming, smores, outside movie watching, making friendship bracelets, AND we even got some sleep :)
Heres Zane right after he woke up in the tent. 

We really do.
Cousins,boating,tubing,four wheeling,giant slip n slide in the backyard, chicken catching,late nights,lots of visiting and games. 

Jungle Jims
Its an indoor carnival, a super good deal groupon purchase, most of the rides Brody was too old to really enjoy, but it was still a good time. 

ThankYou to my SIL Sandy for the pics.. I didnt take any
Going on a hike..
playing with cousins..
Getting thrown into the pool. A lot. Brody loves his Uncles!

So I think Ive mentioned how Zane gets fixated/obsessed with things.. well since the 4th of July it has been this T shirt. He always wants to wear it. Here we are after a jog, and yes he even jogged with me all the way to the park! 

Preslie just being entertained with a capri sun..

the kids made some awesome boats then we headed down to bear river to see how they would fare in the open water..
some swam after them and others hitched a ride on the giant floaty. 

OUTSIDE MOVIE NIGHT!Man I have cool Mom friends,
We junked out on movie treats and stayed up until 11.. well some stayed up. Some fell asleep on the grass :)  

Here is Zane watching the fire.. in his super hero cape and mis-matched crocs :)

Found a Caterpillar on our bike ride.. it took us HOURS to get home with it. Now I carry a small bug house everywhere to avoid such delays :)