Monday, May 30, 2011


On May 15th Dev and I celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary. Crazy right! Well now im going to post all about our wonderful wedding 7 years ago. Mostly because it was before the world of digital pictures so I have these great photos that need to be scanned in.. so here we go.

A few fun facts; I met Devin when I moved to Pocatello and he was dating my roomate :)  No I didnt steal her boyfriend, Dev eventually came to his senses all on his own.

Even though I insisted on going all the way to Canada lots of family and friends were nice enough to make the drive. Such a great day!

SO really not a fantastic picture but one of my faves and me and my Dad. Im the only girl dont you know? So the wedding was an extra big deal and I feel like I was spoiled rotten by this handsome fellow. Thanks Dad

Wedding Party; Left to right.
Devins Parents, Randy and Jolene Mecham, Bridemaids; Angie Hatch, Tawn Mecham, Amy Soenen
Groomsmen;Brad Henderson, Ryan Weir, My parents, Wedny and Dave Miller. (ps, My Dad really is happy, he just doesnt believe in smiling in pictures or something :)

After we came out of the temple and took a zillion pictures, we had this beautiful horse drawn carraige come and get us and take us all through town and then over to where we had our Family diner. It was a hightlight for me. (minus the moment when one of the horses tried to eat my boquet!)

 I really LOVED having this horse carraige.

The Family lunch was at the Remington Carraige Museum in Cardston, then we took more pictures and headed back to Lethbridge for the reception, which we did in true Canadian fashion! We had a long line and a ton of guests but everyone was rewarded to a full sit down diner that was so good and then a program, toast to the bride and groom and then replys and dance to follow.
Our first Dance and Mr and Mrs, we danced to Josh Grobin's' When you say you love me'
I believe we are doing the twist :)

Bird Dance. Awesome

Cake cutting. No mushing cake in the face here. We were nice.

And at least, clothes changed and bidding farwells to everyone, we left them there to party without us and they did! It was an AMAZING day. Not many moments go by where I dont recognize how blessed I am to have married someone as wonderful as Dev. AND to have such amazing family surround us.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Story Time

In preparing for baby we put the bunk beds back together and moved both kiddos into Brody's room, everyone is pretty happy about it so far. After 2 nights of the beds being together Zane walked into his old room and asked " HEY! wheres MY bed" he is only 2, his problem solving skills are still in the works. Made me giggle. Anyways tonight they were really trying so hard to wait up for Dev but just didnt make it, we only got through about 2 books and they were both out. But I wasnt. I was just looking around at the end of the day chaos and came up with this.

In my darling boys room are two beds.
And some fish and some frogs in a cage.
And books on a shelf, and a pile of things.
Theres a rug on the floor and pictures taped to the door.
And toys all around and treasures they found. 
And some random underwear and a few shoes with no pair. 

Good night boys in bed, with sweet sleepy heads.
Good night fish that we fed and frogs that arent dead (suprisingly!)
Good night books that we read. (sometimes over and over over...)
Good night pile of things that have yet to be seen for a few days now
Good night rug on the floor that served as 'home free' or a river to float, or somedays a boat, or sometimes first base or the finish line of a race.
Good night pictures on the door I wouldnt sell for a score
Good night toys all around.
Good night treasures they found;especially you magical rock and lucky penny and secret pirate key
Good night underwear, Im not sure why you there on the floor (and I hope your at least clean)
Good night shoes with no pair,  I really hope that your mate shows his face very soon

Good night room. I wouldnt change a thing about you. At least not right now.

Summer is in the air! I think

 Here is Brody with his school BFF Jackson, these future graduates of the class of 2025 graduated from pre-school. I didnt even cry. Brody was super excited to be done with preschool, too much coloring he declared! He hates to color- its true. After the graduation we kept the day extra fun by going to the river walk to catch crawfish, fake fishing with a worm tied to the line sans hook (side note, one day very soon im going to be busted- they will figure out that a hook is required for successful fishing, im all for catch and release, the problem is the releasing, I dont want to touch the fish, and sometimes they bleed while wriggling the hook out, I cant deal with, every ounce of annoying womanhood kicks in and I squeal and jump around.) anyways, then we got lunch and went to the park with a big fun crowd and I got sunburnt. oops. Great day! We finished with soccer practice and bike rides. What more could we squeeze in!

Friday, May 20, 2011


Yes im typing in PINK with hopes that this little ever growing invasion in my belly is a GIRL! We dont know yet. Im 16 weeks and feeling fantastic, this baby was a welcome SHOCK that im forever grateful and excited for. I was 8 weeks and all of a sudden thought, um, something is going on here, im emotional and I cant stop peeing. I have super legitiment reasons for the whole baby thought to not register earlier.  Anyways, I took a test then the next day went to the doc, then the next day told Devin and then hid under the covers so I didnt have to witness his shock.  It will probably be a boy, and then I will come and edit this post to blue and all things boy :) Due date is Nov. 10th, the boys were early, between 2 and 3 weeks so im going to guess that this baby will come Oct 25th (my original due date) Goals between now and then is to potty train Zane, and convince Devin of my name choices. Pretty sure both of those things will take until October. Here are some minor stressful things. Amys wedding is June 25th, Im a bridesmaid and have a dress that I really would like to fit nicely, but I cant seem to stay away from taco bell crunchy tacos. curses! I had these wonderful visions of being a super volunteer at kindergarden, I know I can still go and I will but this changes things about it and lets be honest it changes my availibility. Thats all for now. I have an ultrasound pic and will add it.. later. After I go to taco bell. Just kidding, im not really having taco bell but we are going out.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Loud Thoughts

Ok, so here is what is on my mind:

Tuesday night I started the dishwasher-late. And it didnt work. It caused both sinks to back up with grossness and then it leaked under the sink. I was mad. Dev said he would fix it Wed. I cleaned up the 40 gallons of water with every lovely towel in my house, then washed the towels and went to bed.

Wednesday I had no sink, no dishwasher and no disposal. After waiting most of the day for the water to drain I poured a few gallons of draino down the sink, sure that would solve the problem. Then I cooked dinner adding to the pile of un-washed dishes. Devin came home and took it apart and looked at it- he made it stop leaking from under the sink. I tried to use the disposal. Mistake. Back to square one.

The rest of the week was too gross to re live in text so lets just get to the happy part about how today this cute old plumber came over and after 3 hours and big spools of magic plumbing stuff he made the sink work! I will be happy to do dishes. I did them in the bathtub and that is the worst. Just so you know.

Mothers Day was great and I got to sleep in and was able to listen to Brody and Devin converse about how to make the day special, Brody was planning a magical suprise party for me and listening to him was 100% perfect. It was a good day. Of course like all Mums I spent lots of time thinking about motherhood and evaluating myself, and Ill be honest, I think im doing a pretty good dang job. Cudos to me :) I hope all Mums can say that. Its hard work figuring out the right thing to do with these tiny humans that we are so blindly trusted with. Dont get me wrong, I have my short-comings but compared to the good kids Ive got the good out weights the not good. Here are some things Ive decided about myself and parenting.

Im a yes Mom and proud of it! If my kids want to make a potion or play in the mud or turn the hose on when its freezing cold im going to say yes. Im also ok with 4 extra hands when im cooking dinner or trying to do some home project, definatly ok with it when im cleaning or wrapping presents or folding laundry. Also ok with crafts that involve glue and sparkles and paint any day of the week. Because I cant really think of a good reason to say no. Sure its messy and cold but thats all fixable. Yep things might take a lot longer but whats the hurry? (On the other hand when Brody asks to play with matches I give that the big fat N word.) I do have a bit of a philosophy, yes is a positive word that we really dont use the right way or nearly enough. Life in general is full of regualtions and rules and all types of No's, being LDS adds to that list, these are not bad things and I am fully aware of their importance, But I dont want the DONTS to over rule the DO's. And I want my no's to mean something, to help in a clear understanding of what I think is ok and what isnt. AND I want the boys to know that chances are I will be on board with a crazy idea they might have so they will ask and not be sneaky, if it is a no we will chat about why.  So YES yes and yes! A side note, this has caused some great discussions between me and Devin :)

I think about the future of my kids way too much. Its natural im sure. With Brody starting school so soon I stress non stop about the influences of others and how this new world will impact him. Have I done enough to teach him right and wrong? Have I instilled in him a strong identity so hes good with being him and not anyone else? Heres my big one. I dont ever EVER want my kids to be the cause of hurt feelings of someone else. I am baffled at the issues of bullying that are so frequent and common. How to make it stop? Well it begins at home 100% Shame on those parents who dont put a stop to things like name calling the moment it starts. I know some things are typical kid stuff. Stupid is a naughty word at our house but it happens. Here are things that will get you in more trouble then you can imagine if I hear them at my house. fat,ugly,fag,loser,gay, any negative comments about someones appearence, race, or clothes they are wearing. Taking the Lords name in vain. Right now I havent had to worry about any of them except the FAT word. Is this ok in your house? Is it a common word? Are any of them? When talking about homosexuality how do you address it? Even when its among other adults? Because if these are common household words shame on you! I know without a doubt eventaully as parents we will deal with all of these and so much more thanks to a lack of parenting and a twisted sense of normal that so many children are a product of. I suggest establishing your own personal zero tolerance policy at your house right now for when that word comes out of a cute mouth.  Heres a big struggle. I want Brody to be nice and friendly to everyone. But at the same time I want him to have the judgment instilled in him to make wise decisions as to who he picks as friends. Its been so nice and easy up until now, he is friends with my friends kids, its perfect :) But Im about to send him into the real world, dont worry I will stalk the playground during recess and spy on him to see whats going on but he is really about to use his own judgment. Have I done enough?