Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Road Trip!

 So my little bro is Mr Smarty pants and after graduating with his business degree he decided to go to dental school. They are finishing up in Omaha Nebraska- we haven't been over to see them, and after our bust of a spring break, we decided to make a go of it. So glad we did!!!
We haven't travelled much in that direction, so it was a new adventure. So green! 
We had such a great time. 

Yummy Italian for Moms Birthday dinner! 

 Huge zoo!! We didn't even see half. It was so big. So fun. 

I'll be honest- we were maybe just a titch more excited to see Charlie than we were to see actual people, we just love this guy. 

Practicing her Marilyn 

We rented a house- it was fun to be together and see cousins! 

Took off to Kansas City for some BBq, baseball and legoland 

Only Mountain Dew in Canada is caffeine free- Grandma learned that the hard way and Brody was pretty pleased that she was so willing to get him a tasty beverage.
S'mores with cousins. These 2 were BFFS and got into less trouble than usual :) 

Balloon guy in a HUGE downtown farmers market in Omaha and then fun city slides.
Pedestrian bridge, and the Joslyn castle- which I've decided, if I win the lotto or something, I'm also going to build a castle. Heck ya.
All the stuff we did and Brody of course claims that the lake was his highlight.
It was SO nice there!

Wish I got more pics. We came home in a blizzard and have been really really missing family. Wish we were closer. Wish our kids could see cousins more and hope we can change that! 

Friday, May 22, 2015


 Blogging has been slacking big time and now I'm not even quite sure where to pick up. But my phone is maxed out on pics and I need to dump a bunch so I can take more. 

Brody Turned 9. Dev took them to Soldier Hollow for tubing then home for cake and ice cream. 

Uncle Marc turned 50 so me and Zane headed to UT to help with the suprise party. Catching up with cousin Nick and seeing other fam, it was splendid. 

Lunch with friends

And this!!!!! Girls trip to Disneyland!!!!!!
Without kids!!!
I can't even express how awesome this was and how about every 4 days I wish I could go back. And I really miss my friend :( 

Flew in Friday, home Sunday. Walked a million miles, didn't whine in the lines, relished all the magic, loved the shows, it was just the best. 

Oh man. Best time ever! 

March was full of delightful weather. We soaked it up.

Mecham mini reunion in Bearlake. 
Go carting...
My cart was so slow that Zane fell asleep! 
Brody continues to be insane. If there is water, he is in it. He can't stop himself. The water was 40 degrees. 

We got home from such a great time in Bearlake and a few days later Preslie spiked a fever. Again. It had been going on for a while- so off to the doc we went went. They pulled some blood and then has us come back for more blood work. My eardrum ruptured- so intensely painful, I can't even describe. The next day they admitted Pres to Primary Childrens Hospital in Utah- completely unsure of what was wrong, but her inflamatory markers was extremely high and blood counts were all over the place. 

They placed an NG tube to pull some tests for teberculosis and cystic fibrosis. Miserable. 
Music therapy was a highlight and I cried thru the whole thing- it was such a kind thing and a moment of happiness for Preslie.
Visits from Cousins!! Painting with Tanzee. 
Ronald McDonald House. We were able to shower, do laundry, eat meals, use the computers. Huge blessing. Awesome place right in the hospital. We spent Easter away from the boys which was so hard- thankful for family who swept in to help. 
Friend visits once we were out of Quarintine!! And they spoiled her rotten. When it was all said and done it looked like Christmas. Balloons and toys delivered and brought in. I was a mess most of the time, so worried and stressed about it all, and the kindness of the people in my life was almost overwhelming and I would just breakdown. Thank You to everyone!
Nick should wear a super hero cape or something. Having a doctor be able to translate what all the other doctors said was a huge relief. Can't thank him and his brain enough. 
After 6 days, a lung biopsy, chest x rays, CT scans, dozens of blood tests, a NG tube and a huge list of other things- we went home!!!! Her diagnosis was HUGE lesions on her lungs, but every single test was negative- it wasn't pneumonia, or a fungal infection or CF, or TB, or cancer, or anything else they tested for- but something was there. We had a team comprised of Infectious Disease, pulmonology, hematology, oncology for a few hours, it was nuts and everyone was at a loss. Once they ruled out the scary stuff, they sent us home with heavy meds- 15 days later her follow up CT scan was CLEAN!!! 

And then this came 
A 6 page hospital bill- totaling just under 18,000 dollars. Wow. And then all the others for docs, surgeons, labs, anestheolgy. Intense to say the least. I still pick our situation over others though-  and there is no price on having a healthy little girl. Oh wait- yes there is. :) 

Then Cheeba died, you know all about that. 
I'm mostly caught up!