Friday, August 29, 2014

On my mind

I wish we were camping. I'm grumpy that we aren't. 

I love being able to stay home with my kids- but, it makes me go crazy sometimes. I have this deep need for solitude sometimes.. and it never happens. Alone. Totally alone.
Solo. Just me. And maybe Cheeba. He's like an appendage. 24 hours. 12 hours. Heck, give me a solid 8 with a good book, a pretty location and NO ONE within 100 miles. 
Here's the kicker- I also have this itch to go go go all the time.
I get stir crazy. The needed structure of mom life doesn't jive so well with my natural instincts of "just go with whatever happens and never make plans and organization is dumb and let's just do whatever we feel like" It's a huge internal battle! I'm not even kidding. 
My days are very much the same. Cook, drive, clean, drive, cook, clean. Of course there is lots of playing and activities and good stuff in there- but for the most part/ that's the frame of my day. Honestly- at this very moment if I knew how to haul the trailer, I would be in the woods with a great book (or 4) totally alone. I'm fairly social except when I'm not and then I'm really really anti social. 

Dev works all day, all week. So he LIKES to be home and do nothing and hang out with us all because he hasn't been all week. Could we be on more opposites? He has no desire to go go go or to be alone. Because he kind of has been alone. Apparently work people don't count? Who knows. 
Someone solve my problem please. :) 
We are a week into school and I'm going nutso.  

Friday, August 1, 2014


This is one of my fave pics :) 

Fourth of July! We had a heard of people over and loved it!! 
I whipped some patriotic decor. 
Per tradition, made our tye dye ts 

At the parade.. 

Went out the ponds..
Set off some fireworks and watched everyone else's. Evanston never disappoints on the 4th of July. 

Waiting for the chicken chase..
Summer is flying by!