Sunday, August 30, 2015

1st and 4th and pre

Sounds like some football lingo but it's not. School is in!

Yes- that's a cat. More on that later. 

I wasn't sure if preschool was going to happen, talking about it she was not on board with the idea but once she found out she got a back pack she was all for it. 

Friday, August 14, 2015

5687 miles

It's true. Since May we have driven nearly 6000 miles. Glad I swapped the gas guzzler for the Lincoln- our road trips are a bit less spendy. 

The drive to Canada seems to be getting longer. Why and how I don't know- but it does! Still always worth it. 

Zane updating our summer list before we headed out. We had about a week of down time and you would think we were all going to lose our marbles not doing something. We were all BORED!!

Stopped in Poky on our way North and painted rocks with Grandpa Mecham. 

And then hit the road. 

The trip was a Miller reunion and my whole fam was home and together for the week. Great to be together and the cousins had a blast. 
Brave little Wes loved the water park the most I think. 

Eraser bowling with Grandma 
Family soccer 

Being in Glenwood is probably my favorite place on earth. It feels like home. That's all there is to it. And being with Grandma and Grandpa Smith is a piece of heaven. 
Charly continues to be my kids favorite.. Uncle?? He's way more spoiled than we ever were! 
Made it up to Magilvary for 4 wheeling and playing in the river. 
Mandatory waterton trip. It's funny how things you took for granted mean so much. I saw these mountains ALL the time growing up and didn't care much, now I'm always just awe struck and never want to leave. 
Red Rock canyon was empty! It was crazy! 
Socialized Icecream at the pioneer parlor. Delish! 
Look at those smiles! Oh I just love them! 
25 years of friendship with these ladies! We have such fun together. 

Even the parks are cooler in Canada
We went swimming and then to the park on our last day and I had another one of those moments where I just wish time would stop. I love these people. I wish life didn't require so much junk like school and growing up and jobs. Id be happy to swim and play at the park all of my days. 
Charly turned one! And got a timbit. And presents. 
And a lot of love

We are on our last week of summer break. I'm just sad and reluctant. But have something fun in the works and will squeeze in as much fun as we can the last few days.