Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I like posting pics of my kids and really anything but pics of me. Somewhat because Im always the one taking pics (if picture taking is actually going on) AND because im just not loving myself in pics these days. Already working up motivation for post baby workouts and figuring out how to lose the chub.. already dreading it. Not my favorite things to do. Anyways, heres a pic of me and sweet Zane at my newest neices' baby blessing.

So me and my SIL are due within weeks of eachother, both with girls, and at the blessing there was a SIL from my BIL's side of the fam (did you get all that) who is due right around us, and she was sporting this cute little belly, like a big breakfast belly and was chatting about how she just completed a triathalon. WOW. I was totally impressed, but not enough to actually think that running and biking while 6 months prego sounded like fun. I will never be THAT girl. Im good with it.

Ive slacked at this blogging stuff, so a real quick update:

Summer has so far consisted of:
Trip to Canada to be in Canadian BFF's wedding.
Lots of extra fun while there, and was even there to celebrate Canada Day!!!!

Fam reunion in BearLake with Mechams. Wonderful! So good to see everyone and to play at the beach and take fam pics and just enjoy eachother. Devs fam is HUGE- do you have a huge fam? Check out the BearLake Hermitage next time you need a place to all stay. Its actually in Paris ID but was great and we all fit with room to roam. Only downer was getting SO HOT at night. I was extra wimpy.

Im right in the middle of begging E town to build me a splash park, ok its not just for me but I think I want it the most. Stay tuned.. We will see what happens.

We have had lots of backyard fun with friends, a POP party, BBQ's- the summer standards. Im in a bit of a panic because summer is coming to an end and I still have at least 50 things I really want to do. I better bust a move.

The Parents are coming in the morn so Im sure I will check off lots of things from my summer list during their stay.

Confession: I havent 'cooked' dinner in 2 nights. Im ok with it. Im actually having a bit of an internal tantrum because I cook and then the kids are like ' I want peaches and cottage cheese and toast' So why the heck did I cook! and make a big mess in the process?? So Ill resume tomorrow when company is here and its worth it. Tonight was peaches, snap peas, cheesy crisps and carrot sticks, and lunch meat ham rolled up.  You missed out. As for my darling husband, he has worked SO much and so long and really does deserve a nice cooked meal, but he hasnt complained about the weird suppers so tomorrow will just seem extra yummy right?

Friday, July 22, 2011


One day my kids will come to learn that adventure day means Mum and her crazy friend are going to load up the kids and drive off to the unknown.. Its GREAT! This was actually adventure #2 but of course I didnt have my camera for the first one (a trip to an old train tunnel) Adventure day today was going on a hunt for these cool 'clay hills' or badlands, we found them! But had a tricky time actually figuring out how to get down to them instead of the road above, in our search we did come to a long forgotten ranch so we parked and started the adventure.

Our picnic location had a little stream, with a built in SHOE CLEANER according to the kids, they would go to one side and send their shoes floating through the other and they would come out magically clean. Oh they were SO impressed.

Waiting for the magic...

Great pass time for the lil guys- sent them on a secret mission to fill up their juice bottles with rocks. Mission accomplished

Alas! We found the way to the badlands! Brave kids wasted no time working their way to the top.

We will have to another day here, we promised caves and didnt really find any. Next time...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Name Our Baby! Because we are having issues!

Want to share your most favorite baby girl name with me and risk me stealing it?? Because Im sad this baby doesnt have a name, right now I call her Kicker or Sleep Stealer, thats not very nice. Dev and I are NOT agreeing. In fact we arent even close. So I really am asking for suggestions. Something you have heard and love, something you made up in your head, your husbands Ex girlfriend with a cute name that you will never use because its his ex, Im taking all suggestions.

Also, I think my last post scared some of you. So I will clarify. I trust YOUR judgment, just not mine yet. I just dont know what im doing :) You all do.