Sunday, May 26, 2013

What is "more then I can chew"

"Maybe you bit off more then you can chew"
Said my little brother looking at my phone calendar.
Well maybe my eyes were bigger then my stomach!
I am really REALLY excited for this week to be over- and then I will stop dreaming about 1000ft of extension cords. That's what's on my brain. Cords for bouncy houses. First world problems, I know.
So grateful for friends who share and lessen my workload,and are understanding of my lack of organization and punctuality. They still like me.
School is over for Zane! Yahoo! He asks me everyday if he is still on summer break. We both LOVED his preschool and teachers. And I am SO happy I have one more year with him before he starts Kindergarten. I hate sharing my kids and risking them liking someone more then me :)
Brody had a field trip to the aquarium. And this morning successfully overflowed one bathroom sink and it leaked down into the basement. That was fun. Oh wait... Not so much.
Both boys are in soccer.
Preslie is cute and hates nursery... Still- and the church foyer is proving to be some nice lighting for pictures :)
I'm still swimming and working out and not seeing the results as fast as I would like. Did you know that if you grocery shop at 10:45 pm that Smiths puts all the remaining donuts into a giant pack and sells them for $2.50. That may also be the problem.
Devin works. And works. And works some more.
I have become a bit overly concerned with my front yard flowers and have also decided I will happily trade the housework for yard work.
I am even re-trying my attempt at growing tomatoes in Wyoming. I don't even like tomatoes but I feel guilty that none of my flowers are edible. If you grow stuff it should be edible. That's in my mind somewhere.
We are having a garage sale next weekend and while rounding stuff up, i am now struck with buyers remorse multiple times a day.
Anyways- that's it. I think.
I better check my calendar...

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Oh Sunshine

It's here!
It is finally here!
Snow clothes are officially packed up. Short shopping has happened. Hoses are out and roaring. Yay!!!
Hiking, swimming in the canyon, bikes, scooters, swimming pool, yard work, sunscreen, dirt.
I love it all

Friday, May 10, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Week!

A good teacher leaves a stamp on a life. I remember my teachers- some were super lame and picked the wrong profession- others were AWESOME! And I luv em!
Our Elementary school is stocked full of fab teachers. It's interesting being in a state that places a high value on education- that results in significantly higher pay for public school teachers,which then results in the ability to be picky on who gets hired,which then results in some super qualified, awesome teachers.
In September, me and 2 other Moms, volunteered to take on the task of teacher appreciation week. It was a beautiful, snow ball effect of ideas and efforts coming together in a fabulous outcome this last week. (And just a hint of drama) And an insane amount of work. I think the process of delegation is pure genius when it works. And it did for this. Our parents were outstanding in helping us carry out our plans and contribute things needed. We are a really small school and funds are close to non-existence for PTA functions- but that didn't damper things at all.
In addition to parents, we had the most amazing outpouring of generosity from the community for teacher "gifts"
Haircuts, oil changes, massages, auto detailing, gift packs, gift cards, jewelry, certificates, freebies galore, even a $200 amazon gift card! Seriously amazing. And I will admit- calling up businesses and asking for free stuff is pretty awesome. Its like a shoppers dream. :)

We placed this in the office and asked the kids to write letters to all of the staff- teachers, custodians, secretaries, everyone. The outcome was really phenomenal. 
we had to empty the box a few times because it was SO full. Such a wonderful keepsake for the faculty. 

Day One!!!
Muffin to do but appreciate you! 
Cute wrapped muffins. 


Highlighters for everyone!
We are so "punny" :) 

Day TWO!

"Picked" fruits and veggies...
Water Bottles with 
"Thanks for all you do by Quenching our kids THRIST for knowledge"

Post- its for everyone :)

Ice Cream Bar
Packs of pencils that say
"This pencil is #2 because your NUMBER ONE! :)
And the principal bought the staff lunch

Day FOUR! 

Dips- we had SO much food! It was pretty amazing. 

Daily gift- Pizza slicers! Donated from Kern River (Where Dev works)


The PTA provided Mexican platters from Don Pedros. 

Dessert was cookies and a packs of cookies to take for later. The daily take home gift was hand sanitizer (donated by Aanerud appraisal services) with a cute note that says
'Hands down, Clark teachers are the best!"
We did raffle drawings everyday. Every single staff member got a prize! How awesome! And every prize was pretty awesome. However, Friday was our grand prize drawing! This is Mrs. Stratton and the son of the  donating business (Aanerud Appraisal) She won $200 for Amazon!! WooHoo!!!

My living room figuring out corporate donations...
ALL the doors were decorated. I just took a picture of mine. oops. Ill try and sneak back in and get pics of the rest. They were so well done by parents. 

It was a great week! 

But i am so glad its over :)