Sunday, June 7, 2015


We made it! Phew. Another school year done and another summer begun. 

Field trips to the pizza place 
Fires over Memorial Day weekend 
Smelling flowers that are FINALLY starting to sprout up
Sunset hikes 
4th quarter writing award for Zane. 

Summer kick off party with giant slip n slide and shaving cream wars. Great time! We set it up at 12:30 and finally headed home around 7. 

Our summer days start with a slathering of sunscreen and then out we all go. We have loved doing some local hikes and trail walks or bike rides.
Boys are doing extreme science camp in the mornings for a few weeks, Pres starts princess dance camp this coming week in the mornings. Fun way to kick things off. Then in the afternoons we find adventures. 
Hiked up to Crystal lake- which was frozen still! So beautiful though. 
This was on my birthday- after crystal lake we kept going down the 150 until Provo river falls. Still a ton of snow! 
Beautiful. It was a good day. I though I was turning 32 when in reality I was turning 33- so that was a bummer! 

Preslie had her 2nd dance recital and was a super star. She loves the stage. Oh goodness. 
Dev gave her flowers afterward and she was thrilled. 

Soccer season is underway for Zane- Brody didn't want to play this year. 

Enjoying late night bbqs and backyard parties with lots of friends.

Summer is off to a great start! And look at me keeping my blog up to date!