Saturday, March 29, 2014


Brody is eight! 
And is really good at it. He seems to be at the stage of having all sorts of missing teeth, combined with new adult teeth growing in, he hates to bathe or change his clothes and is more concerned with comfort than anything else... So what I'm saying is he's in the stinky-awkward stage of life :) 

He wanted a minecraft- extreme dodgeball birthday party, plans were in place before the 2nd broken arm. So we went for it. It was NUTS. Fun- and so loud!! 
I rented the rec center, after hours- totally worth it. They pulled out all the gymnastics pads and stuff and the kids used them to make their bases for dodgeball. 

Decor! Thanks Allie :) 

Creeper piƱata - I totally made it 

Photo shoot wall- I took mini pics for take homes and I guess this is the only one I got on my phone.- the girls 

Brody and Grandma- with his special quilt she made him. He picked the pattern. 

He was also baptized- and I didn't take a single pic!!! So, family, if you have pics from that day please send them to me! :)

Brody is still super tall compared to other kids his age- does really well in school, loves to be outside more then anything, thinks he always needs to have a friend over, bugs Zane all the time, and is getting more and more picky. Nothing with red sauce- spaghetti, lasagna, pizza, chilli- all no's. Makes meal planning interesting. 


Friday, March 7, 2014

Because I have nothing to really blog..

Brody turned 8! 
My parents came to visit. 
Brody got baptized! 

Awesome things.
But I don't have pictures so I'm going to wait. 

I just went down to the storage room to bring up more toilet paper- again. Our family usage of TP has not improved- In fact I think it's hit a new record. 
This morning I was welcomed with a wonderful surprise of a brand new roll that appeared to have been submerged in water and the wrestled onto the TP holder. Dripping and soggy and wrinkled. It had Zane written all over it. 
I asked him. And he told me yes- it fell in the toilet while he was getting it down- but it would dry. Right? 
At least he tried and was honest.
PS- why are there still commercials for toilet paper? Does it really need to be marketed? Who is NOT buying it?!!! 
Anyways- so I go downstairs- bringing with me blankets, sheets for basement beds, clean towels, a bag of food storage, a picture, and about 13 random toys that belong in the toy room and according to "not me", toys that have magical walking powers and come and go as they please- arms loaded and the dogs at my heels ready to be let out. Once again common sense let me off the hook and I made it safe and sound. 

Upon returning to the upstairs I collected dirty socks and dishes on my way, my favorite pair of sewing scissors, potatoes for dinner, library books that Brody insisted were not anywhere just hours ago, and of course- toilet paper. Happy that I actually remembered my initial reason for trucking down in the first place. Yay me! 

I should be super skinny for the number of times I do stairs in a day. What is the problem!?

My children... And let's be honest- Devin- need their eyes checked because no one can find anything.. Except me.

I live with pigs.

Im going to master the art of carting things on my head without my hands. Now there is a true skill!! I wonder if the "how to" is on Pinterest?? 

I know all my woman friends can relate to this. We are super heros with true super hero powers.