Friday, September 23, 2011


Did you see that my little blog baby says THIRTY SEVEN days?! Thats nuts. And so exciting and stressful and relieving and stressful and stressful. But here is what makes it less stressful;

My Dad is here. Right now. Wearing his cool stripe train overalls and painting over Zanes orange walls to make the baby room lovely and girly

I have a crib. And im a big fan of it.

My weird blood sugar- low iron-low blood pressure-crazy thryroid problems are a bit under control and I feel like im not dying.

After baby I can sleep on my stomach, not have heartburn, not pee every 30 minutes, and have a wardrobe that involves more then 5 shirts (most of which are now sporting the tiny holes because my giant belly rubs against everything)

Baby has a maybe most likely name and im ok with it even though I dont LOVE it. Its true- you dont always get what you want. So her name will NOT be Harper or Indie. Sad sad sad.

Heres some things I am stressed out about

Zane is not potty trained and doesnt care and doesnt want to be. I have always promised myself I would never self inflict the torture of having more then one kid in diapers. Im praying for a miracle to happen in the next 37 days.

I miss Brody every day he is at school, However, he loves it and is doing super great- But I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to have just me and Zane during those school hours. Its our time. We do fun fun things and play and have this amazing one on one bonding time, and thats getting taken away from him and me. Do I feel guilty? Yep. Of course he will be fine I know but it really has been precious time and I wish it were lasting a bit longer.

Also stressing about birth in general. I thought Its been long enough that I wouldnt remember, But I do. And I have easy births, but holy smokes its still just awful right!? Ahh.

Stressing that baby is still breech and not getting into position. C'mon lil one! TURN! I dont want a C section!

Ok thats all. No pictures at all related to this.

Happy weekend.

  Pretty exctied to have a little person again. They are just cute

                                                         We have a dog. Did you know? :)

Just a random pic of Brody and a chicken. Do I want to be a farmer? Yes

Thursday, September 8, 2011

This one time, In Idaho....

Ahh,  a nice long weekend. Devin was once again working, So I did what I do and carried on with fun plans without him. Thanks for working hard! We love you! We had good reasons to head to Pocatello, fun things on the way, Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles and Cousins, and my great  friend Callie got hitched!

Off we went!
 We went thru BearLake and made a stop in Soda Springs ID. We went to Hooper springs, this crazy natual spring of fizzy carbonated water, it doesnt taste all that fantasic but if you use it to make koolaid or some kind of juice its pretty tasty. Still pretty amazing.
 I wish I had a before and after. Zane is all ready to have this picture taken, little does he know that Brody is all ready to give him a double ear whammy. Why oh why would Brody do that?! I have no idea. Because hes 5 and the big brother I guess. I didnt realize what was going on until it was too late. Rotten I tell you!

 At first glance I thought this park was totally creepy, nestled way out in the trees and super old and sort of junky looking, but then I discovered it was awesome and working and not ghetto, and actually pretty cool and artistic with everything being painted over and over again.
 Teeter Totters give me the creeps, I cant help but think about knocked out teeth for some reason. But all was well this time

 Giant tires of all sizes just sort of stacked up to climb on, also the only way up the slide.

Brody had a heck of a time staying out of the water. He has yet to see the sense in why if water is outside its not meant to be swam in.

Also in Soda is a natural Gyser, we really wanted to see it go off but I could only wait for so long... Still had a fun time checking it all out.

We made it to Randys Gym...

 The big trampoline..
This slide is intense! You risk going off the side, at least your only falling into the foam pit hopefully

 Playing with cousins on the mats

 Under the parachute

                                        Beautiful Bride Callie and me looking oh so pregnant.

 New toys to play with at Grandma's! Giant cardboard blocks, it was super fun to make walls and play big bad wolf or just to karate chop them down.

Just enjoying being outside.

It was a fun trip with lots of other things that I just didnt take pictures of. But this is better then my current track record!