Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Break!!!

It's here!! Wooohoooo!!

But- day one is being spent washing insane amounts of laundry on the sanitary cycle and holding Preslie and enduring the multiple times she has puked all over me (down my shirt, in my hsir and on my face) the floor, my bed, her bed and even Brody's. blah. 

Huge hopes that this is a quick bug and that my obsessiveness with Lysol, sanitary spray, and onguard oils will prevent any of us from having a green - sickly- christmas!!! 

What I can do is dump all the pics off my phone onto my blog. 

Zane turned FIVE!!!!

On a Monday. So the weekend before we went to the discovery museum. 

After we went to Golden Corral - Zane's new ultimate favorite place to eat. Then Dev took the boys to a move and Preslie and I hit Costco and finished Christmas shopping. 

Monday we had a PaRty!!!
His first "friend" party! Good times.

New clothes and an IPad from us. He was really so thrilled for his new clothes. He has caught on to the system of hand me downs from Brody and is really not ok with it!
I've had to get creative- like pack up stuff and put it in a box and seal it up and put it on the step so it looks like it was delivered. He is really something else :) 

In order to convince him to have a friend party he needed complete party planning control- so we decorated mini gingerbread houses, had a piƱata, homemade buttermilk chocolate birthday cake and from scratch fudge fondant frosting- and of course- in tradition- a money cake. SO happy that Logan and Lindsey were here so I could delegate the cake to the "cake boss" Logan. It was delish!! 

Happy Birthday Zaney!!! 
He is the strongest little soul I have ever come across and has taught me to up my game. Love him to the moon and back- and back again. 

We had a ward party with the saddest, most unmagical Santa visit- but ill leave it at that this year lol. Zane's Christmas program (which he hated and really didn't want to participate) 

And then just other random, fun stuff...
 Like after I've sorted and organized millions of toys this one goes and dumps them all out and climbs in the box.

Playing with birthday toys, making tornados and digging for Dino's.

Christmas Projects!!!! More on this later. It's a quiet book :) 

Mr Book work Brody reading while he walks. Both looking rather dapper in their Christmas best. 

I feel like church has been hard for a year! 

Fam pics! I need to upload all of them. Luv em! 

Monday, December 9, 2013

Stuff your socks

Some of my fave christmas gifts were the fun little things that were in my stocking- and this year I found some dandy's for the kids. Mostly the boys. Preslie is getting a Boo pup and calico critters. 
Anyways- thought I'd share.

Hand boilers- magic! Hold the bottom and it boils at the top. It's cool.

I remember playing with these in the car. All sorts of different ones. You use the little magnet thing to move the black stuff all over- like hair. 

Blast from the past. I think I got one at the circus- but now I can't go to the circus because it makes me really sad for the animals.. So glad these are available without having to go under the big tent. 

This looks fun. A mini motor project.

What? how?! Huh! Spin it one way and it's fine- spin it the othe and it stops, rocks, and starts spinning the "right" way.

I've seen this in action. It's fun, and educational. 

Magnets are just cool. Get these 2 close to eachother and they start spinning around like crazy-Os and it's enjoyable.

Bacon lover?? Here ya go! 

For the miss. Cute band aids. 

Pocket tornado!? Woah. 

The newest obsession at our house

Baby classics.. Classic!! There are a bunch publised. Now if only it came Downton Abbey. 


Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Holidays!

We spent Thanksgiving in Idaho and it was a grand ol' time. And I skipped Blackfriday! Well- I ventured out around 10am on Friday out of necessity for bean bag pellets- but I skipped the insanity. 
I had a successful craft making adventure with these felt crowns- not really for me and Dev but instead for Preslie and my my cute nieces for Thanksgiving diner. 

We started Christmas decorating Saturday- this will be our first Christmas on our own!! In 9 yrs of marriage!  I'm still not so sure how I feel about that! 

We've made ninja bread men, got our christmas pillow cases out that Grandma Honey made, and made some yummy cookies and watched some of our Christmas classics. 

I love books- and we have enough christmas stories to have one wrapped up and open it every night of December until Christmas. It's been a fun new tradition. 

Evanston has SNOW! And super cold temps. I'm fine with it- it's December!!

Craft night! Yard stick stars....
 Trees and the most delicious hot chocolate EVER! 

TA da!!!  So cute huh!!! And I mastered yarn Pompoms... They might overtake my house :) 

Tis the season!! Feeling happy and blessed.. And cold.