Sunday, November 27, 2011


We had a fantastic Thanksgiving in Pocatello. It was great to see Grandma and Grandpa Mecham, old Idaho friends, and to get some shopping done. And it felt like a heat wave there. No camera of course but here are some pics of recently.

Last Sunday we had some friends over for supper. I noticed Zane had been MIA for a bit. We called for him, looked all over but he was no where. I went to check Preslie's room and the door was locked but no answer from inside. We unlocked the door and this is what we found. Sound asleep with poopy pants. He stunk up the whole room! He was out for the night.

Oh how I love her. Oh how I love to dress her up.

Do you like snow? Well if your all about snow things you should move to Evanston. The white fluffy stuff made its entrance late this year, Nov 1st, and im sure will be here until at least June. Heres Brody and Lily hooking up a sledding train.

Zane was not loving the snow this day.

Giving us a bit of a pirate look. See that amazing quilt shes laying on?? Thats what Grandma Honey made for her. It is beyond beautiful. Ill attempt some better pics to post. 

Monday, November 21, 2011

Flash Back

So my Mum might be even a worse picture taker then me :) I say that with love of course. She left her camera here and I need to mail it back, but thought I would peek at what was on her memory card. How about pictures from when Zane was born.. almost 3 years ago! Yep, still on her memory card lol. And a whole bunch others.  So ill post some flash backs :)

 Brody and Canadian BFF Amy playing in a trailer full of grass. I think he was about 2. It was so long ago I cant remember why my dad has his trailer full of grass.

 Again probably about 2, sharing a swing with cousin Evie at the Pincher Creek splash park.

Awww! Baby Zane, a few days old.

Christmas 2009. Year of the Zhus Zhus. I was grouchy this Christmas and I feel bad about it. It was our first Christmas in Evanston, and my parents came too, but I was homesick and just not into it. Oops.

Zane and Austin LOVE to play in Grandma's sink. Its a gigantic wet mess and we all just embrace it

 Park Lake. The water is still somewhat frozen and Brody still went in.

 Remember a while ago when I went to Canada with Lindsey and Angie? Well we flew kites, and even lost one. Heres the pics. It was COLD! And when we were leaving this park I got in BIG trouble from a somewhat crazy guy for being in the park and driving on the muddy roads.
Too cold to be outside! With cousin Austin

Trying to show 2 for his age.. sort of looks like hes flipping the bird.. and I think its funny. Yep

This never happens with Brody. He hates to sleep. So this is a miracle. He crashed on Mum and Dads stairs.

Happy Birthday Dev! I love this man. And I think hes hot.

On the pot :)

A typical result when trying to take Brody's pic
Wearing some headbands


Riding the horse at the Ft. bridger Museum

Playing minute to win it at the cabin

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Piece of Cake

 So everyone has been freaking me out about life with three kids. I was pretty much terrified for my Mum to leave. Well she left anyways, On sunday- after we blessed Preslie (more details on that later) I bawled and then I really sobbed, right into my Dad's chest like I was 5 years old again, and then I had to hide from the rest of the company until I got a grip on myself. Sorry people. Anyways, Monday came and I was OK!!! I really was. I didnt cry. I didnt freak out. I was really ok. We didnt have a to-do list so we just took it easy. Well Tuesdays are my crazy day, Zane had preschool, Preslie had a 2 week check up and PKU test, and I help in Brodys class, plus I had errands to run that really couldnt wait. So off we went. And I totally was fine! Yahoo! Well I did preschool, ran to the doc, ran to walmart and came home before I went to Brodys school, I got home and was getting ready to try and nurse Preslie (it is NOT going well! I have to pump forever to get things going and then try and nurse her, its an ordeal) anyways, I went to un-button my shirt and it was ALREADY UNBOTTONED! Like way too much showing. Like 4 buttons down too much showing. And thanks to my overly full nursing bosom I was busting out all over the place. Oh my goodness. I had seen a lot of people in the last 3 hours. Hello friends! where were you on that one?? Goodness. Im ashamed. I feel like I need to send a written apology to my preschool mums, the doc office and walmart. Well it doesnt end. I went to Brodys class, I dropped Zane off at my friend Jens first, I walked thru his school, I chatted with the office ladies, I roamed around the class room helping kids get stuff together to take home at the end of the day, and then Brody and I walked out. As I was getting into the car Brody says, MUM! you have a sticker right on your bum! (and he thought it was really funny) I reach behind and yes, indeed I have a near life size spider man sticker on my behind. Ok, How long had that been there?!?!? Oh my heck. Zane had been doing spider man stickers at breakfast! Surely it hadnt been on there that long right?! And please oh please dont tell me that I was walking around nearly flashing everyone with the spider man on my rear end!!! So yes, I have avoided major emotional crisis', I have been ok doing the mum of 3 thing- or so I thought. But maybe my brain is still getting into the hang of things and didnt have the capacity to realize what a mess I clearly was for a major chunk of the day.
Cheers to a better tomorrow :)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

9 Days Old.

She wasnt luving having her picture taken, and she definatly was not going to wake up for any of them. But man these melt my heart. Once again a huge thank you to my friend Allie for taking the pics. The world would be a much happier, grateful place if everyone had an Allie in their life.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Preslie Nichole Mecham

Made her wonderful entrance 11-01-11 at 1:35 PM. She was 8lbs 90z, My biggest yet! and 20.5 inches long.

I will post a nice long story about how hard labor was and all of that, but for now just look and smile. She is the most beautiful thing I have ever laid my eyes on. The entire household of Mecham Men cannot run fast enough to her rescue when she cries or squeaks.

 This was hours after she was born...

And 5 days old and awake!