Sunday, November 17, 2013

That was fall...

Time is baffling. Where do the days go?! 


Bike rides...

1st quarter awards assembly. Brody got the reading award. Pretty proud of this guy. And everyday we all love the new school more and wonder why we tolerated the old school for 2 years. Hopefully we can soon live within the new boundaries!!!
Freezing cold walks- but were able to watch 2 beavers work their little tails off! It was fascinating. 
Dead frogs in the stream... 

Life is BUSY. And we have all been fighting colds. I just finished the book Glass Castle - a memoir written by a lady who was brought up homeless. Truly fascinating. 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Little Miss turns TWO

Pres, Miss, Little Miss, P, Princess P... Those are a few nicknames for the smallest diva in the house who just turned two! 
She has mastered the art of tattle-taling, which is really to Zane's disadvantage. :) still hates nursery, loves to sing and dance, read stories, play dress up, and take out all her toys and strew them all over the house. She is a binkie junkie, a chatter box and loves her Daddy the very most. 
While we were talking about her upcoming birthday Zane for really concerned that she doesn't have any friends and who would come. It was sweet. And he reassured her that one day she would have at least one friend.  :)   I made a mini pink lemonade stacked cake for her and cupcakes for the rest of us. Presents included a Haba princess tent, snap and style dolls, calico critters, books and puzzles, dress up clothes and shoes, a play camera and a mini mouse. Spoiled little thing! Happy Birthday Preslie! (Photo credits to Allie :) 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Oh just me loving WY again

Hopefully that is eligible. But to sum it up- after schools consist of extreme science camp, make ice cream from snow, build a volcano, play in the snow, go sledding and make hot cocoa,cook awesome stuff, play with 3-D images. And a bunch more!  All for free. Yes- I love our school :) 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


I have lost all my bookmarks and never was a google reader person- so now I don't have anyone's blog address! Please post it!