Saturday, April 30, 2011


So my camera is in Canada. I know right where too. BOO!

I do have a backup somewhere around here, and a matching charger. I struggle with organization so it might be a few days.

In the meantime I will share some things- We will call them FAVORITES

fave pants for boys that are cheap- bailys point from shopko, they are as cute as true religions and not in the insane price category

new fave place for kids clothes- next Cute CUTE! And more reasonable then mini boden

Still love boden

other fave kids sites- oompa,, learning

Heres some fave things at our house right now

Design and Drill set, its lots of fun, especially if you have a lover of tools

'Ive accepted it will never warm up, so we have done these. Lots of fun, and takes up a lot of time


Im a big reader and love that both my boys have enjoyed reading stories from a really early age. Allison Jay is my favorite illustrator, shes amazing. Here are some fam faves

My Inlaws introduced our family to 'Have you filled a bucket today" and it had a really great impact on Brody, and was so teachable, such a good explanation of why we are nice to others.

Do you have one of these in your kitchen??

Its a microplane zester and fine grater. I use it for everything. ginger, lime, lemon, chocolate, cheese. Its wonderful

Monday, April 18, 2011


Well I had full intentions of doing a few updates while home, but my parents computer doesnt have the little slot to put my camera card in.. so its put a damper on blogging. But Ill update with words. Its been a great trip so far! We have played at the park, flown kites, lost a kite, played at the lake where Brody actually took his pants off and went in with the lake still frozen about 20 feet out. Crazy kid! Then it snowed and we went to a childrens festival, that was a lot of fun. Dev made a quick trip up because he just missed me so much! Or was really hungry :) We went to stake confrence and  listened to Richard G Scott speak and then shake his hand, AWESOME! We have gone bowling, I dont remember this as a kid but some places here do 5 pin bowling and you use these tiny balls and its way harder! Weird. I will say I didnt luv it. We also went here to eat for an early birthday celebration for Devin.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Looking Forward....

Happy times

So heres whats new; We got a new little neice, Tanzi, she had some problems but is doing so good and we cant wait until she is home so we can see her! A good thing that has come of it is we get to have fun cousins Kyri and Greysen come stay with us! We are excited.

It was spring! For a day. We rode bikes, and drew with chalk and cleaned out the garage a bit. And then is snowed and we all were grumpy and mad and Brody delcared in a super loud mad voice. I WANT TO LIVE IN CALDWELL! Its still winter.

Heres the super wonderful thing we are getting ready for

Home sweet wonderful home! Yes the drive is long, but this time its a GIRL trip! Friend Angie is coming with her lil boy, and then SIL Lindsey is coming with cute nephew Austin. So car talley is:
3 mums who will probably be lauging way more then necessary
4 boys under 5. Any one want to guess on the amount of side of the road pee breaks we are taking? For the boys, not the mums
2 dogs
50 pairs of shoes im sure
snacks and a lot of tom and jerry and dora watching.
I know everyone who is not coming is totally jelaous of us and this drive. I know it.

For those who dont know, here is why Canada is great, other then family and friends of course
Tim Horton's- they are everywhere, it is fantastic
MOUNTAINS! Utah aint got nothing on Canada!
Dynasty chinese food
aero, wunderbars, bueno and other yummy treats
Super Store. The name says it all. I luv the place
Its clean. Really clean.
RCMP. Its almost tempting to be pulled over

Cardston Temple- where Dev and I were hitched. Its my fave.
And thats Old Chief mountain behind, do you see how it looks like an Indian in a head dress looking at the sky? Maybe you have to be Canadian.