Friday, April 25, 2014


Spring break finally came!
That was such a long haul between Christmas and now. 

We had the joy of farm sitting.. 

The boys were in heaven! 

We had a day of yard work... 

Notice the shoes :) 

Saw some dogs in sunglasses...

Headed to UT to see cousins.. 

Afternoon delight crafty-brownie party making quilt ladders! Love it!! 

We went to Lava hotsprings and I didn't get any pics :( 
Then we headed to Pocatelllo to see Grandparents! And make giant bubbles...
That was fun. Homemade bubble
Solution with dish soap and glycerin is the way to go FYI. 
We also colored eggs, played with cousins, celebrated Devs B day, flew kites, and went to the Disney nature bears movie- it was awesome. We love all of the Disney natures though. 
We had to head home Saturday because Dev and I spoke on Sunday. 

P in her Easter dress. She was not happy. And the boys can officially out run me, so that's why I don't have pictures of them. They really just hate having me take a pic! Why?!?!!! 

We keep seeing these guys around town. That's fun 

A few days later..

And it's finally starting to look like spring!! 
at least at Allies it is :) 

We are on the countdown to summer! Woohoooo!!!! 

The Art of Resale

"You paid what?!" And "how much was that? Where did you get it?" And other type questions in regards to Ps wardrobe. I'm sure plenty of people think it's indulgent, crazy, not practical- I could go on forever. I totally understand all of those opinions- and even agree with them. 
But let me just share a few things that may change your mind. 

This dress is almost closed on EBay. I bought two of these about 3 weeks ago for $45 each. This one will sell for over $100. That pays for the other one I bought for Preslie. P will wear hers, It will be adorable, I'll take pics and post them on IG and then sometime I will sell this dress for close to another $100. Even used. That means I have made $100 profit, and Preslie got to wear the adorable dress. 

Well dressed wolf. I snagged this and another one that I will show in a second. I bought them when Pres was still in the womb, at a garage sale in draper UT. It was a total fluke and I'm pretty sure I was on the verge of tears out of sheer excitement at my find. Not even with the intention of resale- but because I knew WDW was a rare find. I bought this one for $15 

This closed at $318. I bought it for $15 at the same garage sale. 

 This is a more common example. Mustard pie capris- we wore A TON. I purchased on sale for $18, the top is just a children's place onesie- all in good shape. All used. Sold on my Instagram shop for $20. 

Yesterday was sweet honeys weekly load- I lucked out (it truly is luck!) and was able to snag some capris- 

I paid $28 for them... 

Currently on the boards they are selling for $50.. 

On the same day! 
It's a crazy, completely illogical, out of control, mind baffling shopping world. It really is!!! 
For those reading this and being so completely confused- I'll explain. 
There is a few clothing companies that make a very small amount of things. Sell them for a pretty reasonable amount, and they are very very cute and well made. They post or "load" the items on their websites and in about 2 minutes everything is completely sold ou and hundreds of Mamas mourn and cry that they didn't get anything- so then, in desperation, they hit the resell boards on Facebook, Instagram and eBay and pay double, if not more- for items they want.  Crazy right!? 
But SO fun for me :) 

Matilda Jane- we wear a lot of it. 

But again, resale on these is awesome! And they are well worn. In great condition, no stains (this is where my awesome laundry skills pay off) 

Tights- bought for $7 on sale, sold for $10 :) 

Leggings- I think paid $32, sold for $28
Puffer chevron- paid $32- sold for $15.
Red shorties- sold for $35. I paid less. 

It's pretty awesome. 

Most things I don't make profit- but I do get back more then half of what I paid- and Preslie wore them. 

So here is how I look at it. 

I buy something for $50. We wear it. I sell it for $38 ( this is about average) 
My cost was $12. 

Here's what else has happened. I buy a cute Carter's outfit- It was $15. and try to sell it for $5. It doesn't sell. I give it away. 
My cost was $15- for something I didn't LOVE. That's a downer. 

It is pretty fun shopping for the deals, trying to guess on new releases which ones will sell out quick and which ones will be in high demand. It is also really fun to re-sell. I love it! 

Friday, April 4, 2014

Whatcha doing???

Searching/ Researching/looking/negotiation/ on one of these... For Devin. Not me. 

Learning a new trick... I still have a lot to do, and learn. But I pretty much love it. 

Selling stuff outside 

Turning this ....
Into this....

Into this. Yikes!!! That was crazy. 

Encouraging the idea of pants and real shoes... 

Bingo for books, young women's, 4:40am wake ups, snow grumbling in April, ready for a break! and some sun. And feeling slightly overwhelmed that I will never get ahead of housework, projects, laundry, catching up on TV shows, menus and to do lists. One day...