Saturday, May 17, 2014

I smell smoke

I smell smoke! 
And what I mean is campfire smoke. And I love it. We had a full day of yard work and housework as a family and then roasted hotdogs and s'mores for dinner. Good day and summer is here!! Well almost. We worked on our bucket list tonight 
Brody: fishing, hunting, camping, boating,surf lessons, Canada,playing all day until midnight,flying somewhere and camping and sky diving. 

Zane: kayaking, riding his bike to bear lake, fishing, shooting birds (we have never done that), no chores ever, ice cream for breakfast, swimming in UT, going to the ocean, seeing cousins, fireworks, tye dye shirts, buy a horse, move to a farm, 4 wheeling. 

Preslie: go see the ducks, pet the ducks, feed the ducks, chase the ducks, see the baby ducks, swim and buy some new fancy shoes. (Totally my kid!) 

Zane had his Mother's Day tea at preschool and did this....
Are you confused? Well he did nothing. Yep. Practiced for weeks with no issues,
Come show time and he did absolutely nothing. Didn't sing a single word of any song and didn't do a single action. He told me a few days before that if people ever came to watch he wasn't going to do it. Don't ever call Zane's bluff. Stinker. 

We were nearly late for school one morning because this happened... 

No idea how he managed to do this- but it was so funny. I had to pull over and take pictures and laugh. So funny!! 

Game night. 

Field trip to the discovery gateway. 

Good times. 


I think I dreamed of the day my little girl would play in my high heels- I didn't think she would be obsessed and try to wear them everywhere- or have better heel skills than me. 


Currently obsessed with "sunnies" and is the master of messes. Wow. 

Dev and I celebrated TEN years of blissful marriage. What!?! How and when did that happen. No idea. Crazy. 10 years. We had a super romantic exciting date at suds brothers brewey and then went to Walmart with no kids and drove around and looked at some property that was for sale- and got a bit depressed (again) that even though we are surrounded by nothing- finding property in the Evanston area is so hard! I don't get it. 
Walking to the park- with Minnie and a wand. Of course. 

I think that's a good catch up.