Sunday, July 29, 2012


Written by Devin Mecham- typed out on his phone in a matter of minutes.
Recited by Brody Mecham at the Rich family reunion talent show 2012.

I spring from my bed,
There's a faint smell in the midst.
I wipe the sleep from my eyes,
and go see what it is.
As i enter the kitchen, i say, "whatcha makin?"
And to my delight, she says, "why, it's bacon!"
A strip by a waffle, or all by itself,
I say goodbye to my worries, goodbye to my health!
I see a river of grease as i listen to the sizzle.
As my anticipation grows, i wish I was the griddle!
The moment arrives, and the bacon is done.
There's a euphoric feeling as it touches my tongue.
As i delight in my meal, a story crosses my mind
of a pig on a farm, and a spider so kind.
A smile forms on my face, and i know there's no mistakin,
If Wilbur were my pig, he would have been bacon!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Is the vitamix blender worth the $$$

Really, I'm asking.

Im contemplating the world of green shakes and other blender delights.. Devin has become a fan of protein shakes- we have a fairly nice blender and it's not cutting it.... So opinions wanted!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Would You Rather...

Have you ever played
"Would You Rather"
Well, Heres one for you-
Would you rather swim with snakes or have family pictures taken?
Guess what, I pick snakes.
Nothing brings out the crazy, impatient, demanding, mean, yelling, in me then family pictures.
First there is the obsessive task of deciding outfits.
Then the decision of location, or what your going for, so I have to visualize..
Then I have to deal with grumpy pants Devin who HATES pictures.
We arrive at well decided location and Brody and Zane are instantly drawn to sharp objects, rusty fences, mud pits, dead birds, bugs, climbing rotted trees, piles of trash and out of comission trains. (next time pictures will be taken in a padded room at the state hospital for the benefit of us all!)
Preslie pukes all over the dress I have obsessed about it.
Then she poops.
Then she decided that picture day is also the time she will refuse to wear headbands!
Devin is mad at me for making him participate and Im mad at him for being mad.
The photographer yells SMILE
Really?? I want to cry and scream.
By some sort of miracle we all make it out alive, and then Julie Burns Photography produces these!!! WOW!
Love them.
Totally worth the trouble. (family pics to come soon- those took A LOT more editing :)

Summer phone far

In no particular order because I dont want too :)
 Park City fun day, Canada, farm visits,Zanes obsession with the mail and sneaking random things in, soccer, water, water, water, water more water, driving, cousins, baby showers, sleeping schedules GONE, hiking, cool mushroom bug log with lots of friends,fishing, rock slides,canola, scary fire in Pocatello that broke my heart, train rides, friends, family,art projects, fighting,playing, pack, unpack, drive.

Is is really half over already?? That makes me sad.  


Freedom to ride your bike in the kid parade.

Freedom to eat patriotic icecream at 11am and have a blue face the rest of the day.

Freedom to do bouncy house slides and homemade barrel train rides.

Freedom to make s'mores and roast weenies.

Freedom to have Preslie in multiple patriotic outfits:)

Freedom to watch fireworks with friends and family. To feel safe in my home and town and country ( although this year I was really concerned about starting on fire!)

Freedom. I'm proud to live in this country. I'm proud of my hard working husband who enables our family to live the American dream. I'm thankful -beyond words for patriotism in all it's forms.

God Bless America.

It should be God Blesses America.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Eight Months!

Baby is on the MOVE
Still a bit awkwardly and goes backward more then forward- but shes ' a-moving!
Mostly headed full force for the dogs.

Process is
(she was headed for the camera)

Still no teeth...
So easy going
Faves are being upside down, when Daddy does the dip with her.
Loves her brothers and dogs.. and ME :)
Loves the water and to be outside.
Hates getting lotion or sunscreen on
Does not like to stay laying on her back.. like when she needs a diaper change
Not a big fan of naps.. sometimes they happen.. sometimes they last 30 mins and shes done
Sleeps ALL night..
We love this little girl