Monday, October 27, 2014

A few good men

Actually I mean blog readers-
If you are a regular blog checker, you are a dying breed I think. And you should just jump on the world of Instagram :) I think I've blogged but in actuality I just posted it on Instagram and then I just get confused about what I have and haven't posted. And instead of quality worthwhile blogging I just dump all my pics. Like I'm about to do now. 

They are hilarious. All of them. 

Watched some cars smash into eachother

Gave a total green light on how late they wanted to stay up. 1:30 am for the big kids. 

Our new thing is tea parties 

Really out of order- but potty training is COMPLETE! I will never change a stinky diaper until I am a grandma. No more diaper bags. No more diaper buying. We had a party and an undie shopping spree.

Caught some fish bare handed- went to some rodeos...
Went to Jackson and stayed in a fancy hotel, ate a lot of food, did all the touristy stuff, soaked up the sun, used a real atlas with Brody as the navigator, took the really really really long way home :) 
Great weekend! 

A hiking we will go... 
Sometimes no more babies is sad- but then I have moments of HOLY AWESOME! This was another one. P hiked mirror lake. No stroller, baby backpack, sling, child toting device. That was happy. 
So pretty! 

Homecoming, lunch dates... 
Candy catching, and Brody was on the football float in the parade. He thought he was a cool dude. 
Cute pics of Pres

September was a lot of this. Brody had an awesome first football season, a really super, ideal, coach who just taught them so much about teamwork and hard work and doing your best and to recognize what it feels like to be successful in direct relation to the effort you put out. The guy should write books. It was an awesome exciting season. 
Some games were a bit cold...
He likes orange. And some mornings we ride bikes to school. Our school that is very very far away.. 

"First Magician" says Preslie. She's in dance a few days a week and LOVES it. 

Last day of the farmers market. It was so nice outside! And they had a bunch of fun stuff to do- so I yanked the boys early from school and we soaked it up. 
Things I don't want to forget- neither of my boys will wear jeans. When will this change? Preslie loves shoes that use to be Zane's. Or anythig of his. These converse are her "Zaneys too smalls" and her first choice. 

Farewell September. You were a really great month. 

Friday, October 10, 2014

Preslie at fall

These pics were taken by a super talented 16 yr old. Love her and I love the pics and what she captured. Thank you Hanna!! 
Those toes! 

Thursday, October 9, 2014


I needed a haircut. 
And a color. 
And I was bored and antsy and told my hair lady to dye it black. She thought I was nuts haha. It was funny.
But she did it. 
And I LOVE it!!! 
Love love love. 
My kids hate it. 
Dev likes it.
So here ya go.
It has been pretty funny to see people's reaction or to have people just totally not know who I am.