Friday, November 13, 2015

Jam Packed

Jam packed.
That's how I feel! Between kids, PTA, 2 days a week work, primary, and just life stuff- things are BUSY. Oh and I'm in the middle of trying to get a new super indendent for our school district because ours is lousy and I've had it. Rally the troops!!! 
However, I can't help to just feel incredibly grateful. This last month has been dotted with funerals and heartbreak and moments of just overwhelming "holy crap- this is TOO much! and sometimes I get focused on the bad- but then in the safety of our home, when we are all together, I feel like all is well. Thank goodness for the moments of clarity and the chance to re-focus. 
Anyways- trying to think of where to begin to catch us up... 
We squeezed in a few more camping trips, the boys are doing great in school and received awards for math (Zane) and reading (Brody). Preslie turned 4 and it was a great day until she had a total heartbreaking meltdown over the fact that she didn't get a unicorn, a" REAL unicorn that was alive" Brody was so kind and eased her sadness by telling her she should just ask Santa for one.  
We've had our first snow and have accepted the fact that we have a cat- Jingles, and my front porch has the most ridiculous cat shelter set up to accommodate jingles in the winter. Free to good home!!!!! I will pay you to take this cat and let him inside. Poor guy. That about sums it up. 

Preslie and one of her favorite little friends 

Black Island Farms 

Mutton buster 2015. There is a really good chance that Zane will be a real life cowboy. 

Oscar not ok with Jingles

SNOW! Nov 9 2015 

Cupcake baking party 


Garth Brooks Concert! Oh it was so good! And so loud! It was like 3 hours of garth greatest hits karaoke and we knew every word. 


Music program 

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