Saturday, November 14, 2015

Christmas is Coming

 Dev and I have really tried to put the focus of gifts into "experiences" but in all honesty- childhood Christmases still need some tangible "stuff" in our opinions. Although my boys are sadly getting to the age where they would rather be with friends, screens or nose deep in a book(ok, that isn't sad) I'm still a huge fan of toys. It's true. I love toy stores and could spend hours inside one- not so much a toys r us, but magic little gems that are hidden downtown. Here are some faves, tried and true.

It's the cool thing to have. I'm a big fan if you have the space. My ultimate, no questions asked, is

Amazing. Details details details! 

 They come all the way up to 8ft. She's in Provo and local pick up can be done so you can save on shipping. 

Training wheels are about to be vintage I think. Balance bikes are the way to go. You completely skip training wheels and get your kids on 2 wheels way faster. The first few rides will be insanely slow and you will think it will never work- next thing you know your 2 yr old is zipping away. 

Maileg. It's official- I am pretty much hooked and in love. With absolutely everything they do. Matchbox mice, bunnies in princess gowns, kitties in pajamas and in bedding that makes me swoon. They are heirloom quality and so cute and just beautiful! 
Some from Ps birthday. Check out maileg to see it all. 

I love lego- all of it. I won't blog about that. But equal in awesomeness is snap circuits. Totally geeky and fun and despite what the box may say- I think it's good for kids 3 and up. My boys still really enjoy this ( if friends aren't around and screen time is used up) all the sets work with eachother and unlike lego- one set has a ton of projects and have great instructions. 

Quercetti FILO lacing. Love international toys and thank goodness for YouTube so I was able to figure this out. Preslie and Zane both love. Just poke into the frame. (Watch the YouTube instructions) really fun, for hours! 

Tinker crate. The gift that keeps on giving. I ordered and have only gotten one so far- saving it for christmas, but the kit looks great and the prices are pretty awesome. The monthly subscriptions we have done in previous years have been fun and something to look forward too. 

Getting excited for the most wonderful time of the year! 

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