Sunday, January 24, 2016


Whoops! Blogging has been neglected. 

Logan and Lindsey and kids came for a visit before Christmas and I got to love on Emmy Jane. She's the cutest, cheekiest, happy little thing.

Zane turned seven!!!!
His best gift was having his BFF Max in town to celebrate with him. We went to soldier hollow and the train place in Heber. 

Christmas church clothes 

Gingerbread class party for Brody. The girls were so meticulous about their decorating... The boys were not.

Christmas we headed to Canada with a stop in poky on the way and from. 
Hoverboards! So fun! No fires, no injuries, lots of use, me and Dev need one for ourselves :) really- so much fun!!! Glad I didn't listen to the haters. 

Of course Chary love 
We have been doing a lot of this. Skating and hockey. Preslie is not a fan of the outdoors.. We are working on it. Honestly, she is just going to have to figure it out because we spend a huge amount of time outside! Suck it up buttercup. :)  

In other news I just sold a dress for 2200$ that I paid 58$ for. Crazy I know! These women are collectors and lucky me, I have the rare goods :) My shopping talents are really paying off. (Currently much better then our other stock investments) 

We came home to frozen pipes. So that has been an adventure. I currently don't have kitchen floors or a dishwasher. We figure while we are in a state of chaos we might as well just do a kitchen reno with the cupboards as well. We hate projects, we are not DIYers. I would much rather be outside. So stay tuned on how this all ends up. 

He's not an inside cat. We got Jingles a heated cat bed so I don't feel so obligated to let him inside. But it still happens. 

Anyone want a cat???

Devs had some out of town work stuff so we joined him last week. It was needed. I've been a stress case- and I don't ever get stressed! But really, I've developed insomnia and can't ever turn my brain off, PTA fundraiser is my current mind jam and it's become obsessive. I need it to be over with- so that means I should be able to resume normalcy the 2nd week of February. 

Some happenings with the kids. Swim lessons for Pres and Zane and Red Devils swim team for Brody starting in feb so that's exciting. We have a new love- snowshoeing! We have so much snow! SO MUCH! And it just keeps coming. The more winter fun we have, the less I ache for summer. So this is good. There are groomed courses at the golf course we practice on and have started venturing out in the back country. I really enjoy it! 
I think that's it. 

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