Thursday, March 3, 2016


I have some significant things going on that are blog worthy- but I can't pump out the brain power to do that tonight- so how about my top picks for Easter basket fillers?? 

Get some in every kind!!!!! Thanks Allie for our newest obsession. It's a giant ton of shiny silly putty- and it's magnetic. There are other kinds- that glow, that change color- hyper color t shirt people out there?? Anyways. Love it! 

Cosmic coil. Allie again. It's equally hipnotizing as a slinky- but cooler. 

Let's talk about diva P for just a minute- I got her lipgloss on a necklace- but the necklace was a rope type thing and she was mad. It was not shiny. So here we go. The bunny is going to save the day and give her Icecream lipgloss on a fancy chain. 

Ps- let's talk bunny for a sec. I love Santa- that's about it. The rest of these guys are low on my love list. I don't push a big belief for the bunny. I don't even know if my kids think he's legit or not. 

So this is pushing it for me as far as Easter goes- we don't go crazy.. Because it's Easter.. Not Christmas. But I'm discovering that there are a lot of people who treat Easter like 2nd Christmas.. 3 months after real Christmas.  None the less- this has hints of cards against humanity in a total family friendly way. Super fun. Hilarious. 

One easter my Dad gave us all one of these and said sorry- I hit the bunny with a train. Morbid and yet so funny. Don't worry- we were old enough to not have it damage us. I still think it's funny to sneak in one of these on Easter. Nothing says happy like the gift of a lucky foot. 

Anyone?? Hello panda from your local Asian market. But there isn't an Asian market in the entire state of Wyoming.. 
So the only time we get to have these is one a year in our basket- so they are a novelty. 

Wide open spaces, maybe a sequined top, and some loud music and everyone is having a good time. I found these- not quite as fancy- at the dollarstore. My Easter bunny has stock in the dollar tree. 

I use to put the new Sunday clothes with Easter- it was making my boys so mad- because they hate church clothes so why would the bunny do something so rude? I don't do that anymore. Throw some candy in, kinder eggs, beef jerky, socks because we always need socks. Always. It doesn't matter how many pairs of socks I buy- we always need more! It's a phenomenon. And some money filled eggs- so they can buy their own dollar tree treasurers. Hoppity Ho! 

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