Thursday, March 17, 2016

Pack It!

How many lunches do you make a year? I'm going to guess that I'm somewhere around 250. That is insane. The boys will eat hot lunch on occasion. The other days we pack.
We have 2 types: conventional bag lunch and bento.
Bento worked well for Kindergarten and even is ok for Zane in first. It doesn't work for Brody. The bento just didn't hold enough. So we upgraded. I should have done planetbox years ago. But at 80$ for the complete set there was NO WAY! 
Well. I got just the rover box on eBay for 22$ thinking I would give it a try. Totally worth it! So hunkered down and sold a dress (that's how I do things- I sell off Ps clothes) and bought the full priced set and another insulated bag. 

Here's how this works. 
The rover is a stainless steel box- top and bottom, hinged with a pressure clasp to keep it closed. It comes with a big and Little Dipper that fit into one of the 5 compartments if you so desire. 
The rover has an insulated bag that you slide the metal tray into- in the bag there is a place for an ice pack and also a pouch for a water bottle. 

It keeps food cold, I've also done noodles in the Big Dipper, warmed up HOT and by the time lunch comes they are still warm. 
Other things. I like sneaking in notes- I disguise my love notes in jokes and fun animal facts so no one is embarrassed- but after they read my funny joke I know they see my little term of endearment or reminder to not be a jerk. It's a win win. I've downloaded the lunch notes off etsy- cute printables and cheap

Back is blank for a message 

Amazon has a ton but in my opinion they were not worth the cost 

Lately- I've been making my own. If I started off making my own- Brody and Zane probably would have ignored it. But now they know it's worth their time to check it out and share a funny at the lunch table. Why can't Elsa have a balloon? She will let it go!!! Hahahha!! Hilarious. 

Anyways. Get yourself a planetbox. Keep your eye on ebay for a killer deal. And don't waste your money on the bento because it's too tiny. 
Munch on Lunch Makers.

Oh! And the front are magnets and you can swap them out for a new look. That's fun. 

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