Thursday, October 20, 2011

Happy FALL!!!

Aah healthy at last! And that meant it was time to get out of the house! And the state. Some might think this was an idea based on insanity considering baby could show up anyday, and that I was trucking off a good 2 hours from home and my doc and hospital and that the drive involves a nice stroll through miles of nothing.. including limited cell service. I was willing to risk it! And happy I did. It was a PERFECT day of fall celebrations.

First stop was apple picking in a real apple orchard. With cute little baskets to fill up with wonderful apples. Too bad I left my camera in the car for this first part.

After we wandered over to a small playground and a pumpkin patch. There was also a you pick patch that was pretty much done for the season but the kids rounded up some squash and even tiny watermelons and peppers.

 A fun little fact about Zane and this shirt. He has decided in the last month or so that he LOVES stripes. And shorts. It was a miracle in itself that I was able to get him to wear pants this day, but here we are in one of his most fave stripe shirts. Hes pretty insistant on this- the shirt MUST have stripes

 Good sharing kids!
 Because of the nature of the days plans I told Brody he needed to wear farm clothes :)  Hes nice to humor me like this and go with it.

Next stop was a witch hunt. And a trip to the toy store of course :)

And some awesome bikes at gardner village..

We still had one final place to hit- A halloween festival! We needed to ride the hay slides, go on a tractor ride and pick pumpkins from a real patch where the pumpkins were still attached to the vine.

 It was dark and cold, but Brody was taking his pumpkin selection very seriously.

It was a super fun day. Brodys fave was apple picking, Zane liked apple picking too and the little pumpkins, my fave was lunch at kneaders and spending time with the kids and just getting out. It had been such a long week before! And im also glad I didnt end up with a UT born child :) No offense UT

PS- For better pics and more info on this fall-tastic day check out Allies much cooler blog

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  1. I have always wanted to go to Gardner Village! I don't blame you for wanting for get out. You might as well while you still can. I am glad you didn't have a Utah baby too! That would just be awful. A Utard in the family!